Simple Machines

From the earliest age, children are fascinated by the movement and lights of objects. As young as months old, children will stare wondrously at these flashing and moving objects, and will watch these for minutes and sometimes even longer. In fact, often babies will have object hang in their cribs to help occupy time and keep them from crying. Colored lights can also make for a fun and entertaining environment for kids.

As kids get older they still are often fascinated by moving objects. Young children have spent many hours trying to take toys and other objects apart to see what makes them work. While parents generally like to encourage children to explore new ideas, taking apart items can be dangerous as well as expensive.

To help children learn and explore movement and lights, many parents and teachers can foster this curiosity through the use of simple machines and basic electronics. Using the concepts involved in simple machines, children can learn about movement, force, resistance and other concepts that can be used throughout their lives. Also, parents and teachers can provide basic electronic projects to teach children about circuits and electricity. However, when working with these projects, it is recommended that children be supervised to prevent possible injury.

As children get older it is also helpful to have children involved in simple home rennovation projects and electronics installation projects like installing your TV or connecting your speaker cables.

To help teach about basic principles of movement and electricity, we have put together a collection of resources. We hope you enjoy reading and trying some of these projects.

Basics of Simple Machines

Basics of Electronics

Safety Basics

  • Simple Machine References – Information and suggestions on using simple machines safely.
  • Safety Lesson Plans – Collection of safety related lesson plans on a variety of subjects.
  • Kid Safety – Basic safety information for kids to follow around electricity.
  • Electrical Safety – Kid focused article with information and tips on how to keep kids safe around electricity.

Simple Machine Projects

Electronics Projects

  • Education Resources – Useful page containing a number of resources for teaching science related topics to kids.
  • Electronic Resources – Information and tips for teaching electronics for kids from K-12.
  • Science Fair Projects – Collection of useful projects that students can use for Science Fairs, including several discussing electrical ideas.
  • Electric Project – Helpful page from Tennessee 4H providing an easy and informative project dealing with electricity.
  • Electricity Projects – Informative page with a number of educational projects teaching a number of electrical principles.
  • Electronics Projects – Page containing a number of projects that can teach concepts of electronics and circuits to kids.
  • Electronics for Kids – Information for kids on electronics with a variety of hands on projects that can be done to learn about electricity.

We hope that this article has been helpful for you and your children to learn more about the fascinating world of simple machines and electronics. Learning and experimenting safely opens the door to knowledge. Understanding the basics leads to bigger projects which can include setting up a home-theater with HDMI Cables or laying the foundation for a network with Bulk Cat5e. Installing speaker cable with Banana Plugs and even setting up a USB 56k Modem would be easier to handle. We urge you to continue to learn more about machines and electrical devices, and feel free to visit this educational page often.

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