ProMaestro In-Wall Speaker Guide

In-wall and in-ceiling speakers are becoming a wonderful solution for those wishing to setup a home theater system without having bulky speakers throughout the room. These speakers are alternatives to the norm. They save space and still provide high quality audio to please all serious audiophiles.


How they work: A quick intro

Anchor, Universal Bookshelf Speaker Wall Mount, 2 pack

Anchor, Universal Bookshelf Speaker Wall Mount, 2 pack


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An in-wall speaker is rather simple. Instead of coming with a cabinet or its own mounted frame, they use the wall cavity they are set in. This can provide more bass than from other stand-alone speakers of the same size.

In-ceiling speakers work the same way. However, instead of using your wall cavity to resonate the sound, they use your ceiling. You could even install in-wall speakers into your ceiling. They would act same way and provide the same quality of sound. However, because in-wall speakers depend on the cavity of the wall or ceiling, the sound will vary a little per household.

Sewell 14 AWG Pure Copper Oxygen Free Speaker Wire (100ft) 2 Conductor

Sewell 14 AWG Pure Copper Oxygen Free Speaker Wire (100ft) 2 Conductor


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Finding your speakers

Choosing which speakers can be difficult. The variety is almost endless. However, Sewell currently offers 3 great options of in-wall speakers. Each is made with Kevlar cones for professional quality audio. Kevlar provides clearer, crisper sound and a longer life for your speakers than paper. Each comes with swivel tweeters and a cross over switch is built-in. The swivel tweeter gives you the power to direct the sound to be best for your setup. The cross over switch feature allows you to create a “filter” to allow you to use the same high power signal on these speakers that you would use with a high powered sub. You can set the cross over switch to 0dB, -3dB, or -6dB. You can even paint the grill to blend it in with your decor.

We recommend any or all of these as a solution for your in-wall speaker choices:

If you need a little more power, the part SW-29128 will work for you. If you need even more power, the part SW-29129 has performed magnificiently for us in our office. Attach an amp with sufficient power, and these speakers perform very nicely.

In addition to finding the right in speaker, we carry everything you would need to install it as well. For help in installing everything, take a quick look at our installation walkthrough.

  • A basic need is, of course, Speaker Cable rated for in-wall installation. Our Speaker Cable surpasses this rating and will ensure a strong signal to your speakers.
  • Banana Plugs are a necessity for simple cable handling. Once you attach the cable to the plugs, it becomes a simple plug and play cable to your amps and speakers.
  • To top it off, Binding Posts will keep your installation looking clean. You won't have any wires jutting out anywhere.