HDMI-High Definition Multimedia Interface

LCD/Plasma HDTV Tilt Wall Mount, Slim 37-63

LCD/Plasma HDTV Tilt Wall Mount, Slim 37-63"


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HDMI connector

HDMI is a digital video and audio connection which is proliferating into Home theater applications. It can send all HD video signals (480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p) as well as 8 audio channels over a single connection.

Also available as a mini connector


Better than

Composite and S-Video. Component video can support the same resolutions, however signal quality will be superior with HDMI. VGA will have the same resolution support, but since VGA is analog, it requires signal conversions which can introduce some loss. DVI and HDMI actually use identical video signals (single link) however DVI does not support audio.

Not as good as

DisplayPort--theoretically DisplayPort doesn't compete directly with HDMI, although they both serve as a high definition audio/video cable between sources and displays. DisplayPort works differently with video processors, and is (arguably) better.


HDMI is the connection for High Definition home theater applications. HDMI is included on essentially all new HDTVs as well as home theater projectors and many high end monitors. Game consoles, HD satellite and cable boxes, Blu-Ray and other High definition players have HDMI ports as well. New graphics cards and some laptops are now also including HDMI ports.

Mini HDMI is popular on HD camcorders, and is also appearing on some laptop computers.


Simple conversions reqire only a passive adapter or cable, there is no active conversion simply differetn pinouts of the same signals.
Complex conversions require active circutry to convert the signal, to change it to the new signal. These often only work one-way.



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