Halite Video Purification System

For a long time now 1080p HD has offered the best visual experience. Conventional wisdom dictates that things can’t get any better without adding more pixels or improving contrast ratio or color depth. So, for the moment it seems like HD is as good as it gets, or is it?

The Halite by Salt Labs promises to take your viewing experience to the next level. The Halite goes beyond conventional limitations of graphics technology to enhance images and video from any source, even VHS or still images. It works by using patented Darbee Visual Presence™ technology, which processes images and video the same way the human brain does, adding a level of depth and realism that couldn’t be achieved before.

Halite Connection Diagram
Installing the Halite is as easy as plugging in a cable


The Halite won’t be much bigger than an average smartphone, meaning it won’t clutter up your home theater room at all. And thanks to the attractive housing, it will be something you will want to show off instead of hiding it anywhere you can. Installation is a snap; you simply place it between your source and your display.

Multiple Levels of Enhancement

So how well will this work? See for yourself! The images below compare standard HD images with images enhanced by the Halite. The Halite processor allows for multiple levels of enhancement (from 0%-100%), which can be adjusted by the viewer using the included remote or the buttons on the front of the Halite. There are also different modes that viewers can use for different uses: Hi-Def, Gaming, and Full Pop.

Halite vs normal video

Gaming with the Halite

The image enhancement the will be offered by the Halite will be especially noticeable in video games. The increased level of detail and texture almost make it look like there are higher-resolution textures in play, transforming the appearance of game areas. Character and environment details are much sharper in both 720p and 1080p games. And all of the processing done to enhance images is done in well under 16.67 milliseconds, which means that you won’t see any drop in frame rates.

Halite Gaming Comparison

An added bonus to turning up image enhancement while gaming is that characters and other objects appear clearer from a distance. That makes a little easier to spot opponents, and in competitive gaming, players can use every advantage they can get.