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There are many solutions to solving cable mess. Since cables are a way of life and now connect all the devices that we rely on day to day, we should be able to master them and make them as beautifully arranged as the rest of the items in our homes and offices.

Option 1: Velcro Cable Sleeve Wrap - Velcro is used in a lot of cable management solutions. One nice and tidy way to keep unruly cables manageable is with a velcro sleeve. The durable nylon sleeve keeps cable snug together and the velcro is very convenient.

For my own desk, I went ahead and tried this solution with great results. I have a lot of thick cables going up from my computer to my desktop because I have two monitors that use thick DVI cables. I also have a set of speakers, a keyboard, and a mouse cable to deal with.

Wrapping the cable was easy because I could just start at the bottom, start bringing the velcro together, and work my way up.

Velcro Cable Wrap Sleeve Velcro Cable Wrap Sleeve 2 Velcro Cable Wrap Sleeve 1

Option 2: Velcro Strip Cable Ties - For several years I used these strips to handle the cable clutter under my desk. It worked fine for me, and it was a pretty inexpensive solution.

These strips have a loop that you feed the strip through which is convenient. The whole side of the strip without the velcro hooks sticks to the velcro quite well after the strip is pulled through the loop.

When wrapping my cables with these strips, I would have to squeeze the cables together in order to get a nice tidy cable bunch, but as you can see in the images, it was flawed and untidy in places. I think I prefer the velcro sleeve, but if you need to have some cables branch off, the cable strips might be best.

Velcro Cable Strips Carpet Velcro Cable Strips Velcro Cable Strips

Option 3: MOS Magnetic Organizing System - Using the power of magnetic attraction, the MOS holds your cables steady without cumbersome straps or sleeves. Of course, this level of organization is a lot lighter weight than a velcro sleeve or strip: it's more for your table top where your cables hang out until ready for charging or syncing your devices.

The MOS has a micro suction bottom that sticks to flat surfaces and can be employed on vertical or horizontal scenarios. For instance, if you want your charging and sync cables to be hidden off the side of your desk, you can stick the MOS on the side and your cables will be ready for you to use at any time. you can use a combination of the MOS and a sleeve for an ultra-slick set-up.

If your cables don't have enough metal in them, you can use included magentic ties that have magnets inside for a nice firm grip.

MOS Magnetic Organizing System MOS Magnetic Organizing System Black MOS

Option 4: Cable Management Tracks -This product is used more often with HDTVs and home theater set ups. When an HDTV is wall mounted, a common problem is unsightly cables dangling on the wall. One option is to drill holes in the wall and feed the cables through the wall to avoid ugly cable clutter. Another option is to use these cable tracks to feed the cable down without it looking too ugly. Cable Management Tracks