BlastIR Pro Wiring options

Our BlastIR Pro kits come with all the cables you need to install them, but there are lots of cases where you might need some extra distance, or you might want to add an additional receiver. We'll go through the different options.


BlastIR Pro with a 3.5mm Extension

The simplest case is just getting a 3.5 mm extension cable. It is a clean and easy way to move the IR target (or emitters) away from the connecting block.

Just run the cable (make sure the female end of the extension goes to the IR Receiver) and plug it all in. It's that easy.

We have IR extension cables in lengths ranging from 6 to 75 feet.


BlastIR Pro with three wires connecting terminal blocks

You can also make your own 3.5mm extension cable using our 3.5mm phoenix-style terminal block kits

A common solution is to use Cat5 or Cat6 cable for the wiring. But you can really use just about any wire as long as you have three conductors.


BlastIR Pro with existing Cat5 wiring

This might be obvious, but if you have pre-installed Cat5 or Cat6 cable, then you can sacrifice a short patch cable, rather than re-wiring your Cat5 keystone jacks.


BlastIR Pro with Fisheye Receiver and Extension Cable

The BlastIR Pro also has the option for a fisheye receiver. You can get it in a kit or as a standalone receiver. There are three IR reciever input ports on the BlastIR Pro connector block, and that can be any mix of surface mount or fisheye receivers with or without extensions.

There are lots of options so you can set up your equipment and make sure that there is something that will work for you. Of course, some solutions are better suited for some situations. To learn more, you can check out our BlastIR Classic wiring options, or the new BlastIR Wireless. If you have any qustions about your specific setup, reach out to our tech support and we can help you tailor a solution to your needs.