Sewell Minideck, USB to DVI, VGA and HDMI Display Adapter

Sewell Minideck, USB to DVI, VGA and HDMI Display Adapter


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Adding an additional monitor to a computer used to be a real chore. If you were already using all the video ports on your desktop, you either had to swap out your video card for a new one, or add a second video card. If you were already using the video port on your laptop, you had some options with PCMCIA cards, but those were pretty expensive and not always very effective.

Fortunately, now there’s an easy, affordable option to add a monitor to either a desktop or a laptop computer. Using Sewell Direct’s MiniDeck USB to DVI, VGA, and HDMI adapter you can quickly add a monitor to any Windows or Mac computer that has USB 2.0 ports.

This will save you from having to tear open your desktop computer or hope you can find a card that will work with your laptop. The best part about it is how incredibly easy it is to install and use.

Why would you want to add another monitor?

Some people ask what the point to adding another monitor is. There are several benefits to adding an extra monitor, which include increased flexibility and productivity when using your computer. Computers can handle displaying information from many different sources at the same time, but on a single monitor it’s difficult to view more than just the single window you have as the top window. With multiple monitors you can display different information across each screen.

This can be very helpful since you can view a source of information on one screen while typing a document on another. You can set up multiple monitors to track your stock charts. You could watch a movie on one monitor while browsing the web on the other.

Adding additional monitors allows you to truly take advantage of the multi-tasking capabilities of your computer.

Installation Steps

Here are the steps required to install an additional monitor using the Sewell Direct MiniDeck.

  1. Install driver
    • This driver is included with the MiniDeck on a CD. It can also be downloaded from
  2. Plug adapter into monitor
    • You need to simply take the monitor cable that would normally plug into the computer and plug it into the DVI end of the adapter. If your monitor has a VGA connection, simply use the included DVI to VGA plug adapter to make it possible to connect it.
  3. Plug adapter into computer
    • To do this, simply take the included USB cable and attach the mini USB end to the adapter, and then connect the regular USB end to the computer.
  4. Wait for screen to initialize
    • The computer should automatically recognize the adapter and the monitor, and after properly configuring both things the display will turn on. At first it will look just like it is just a picture of your desktop background, but you will then be able to drag windows across from one screen to another.

Using the Sewell Direct MiniDeck is a snap. The benefits are definitely worth the 60 seconds of your life that it takes to set up too. Check out the product description for more details on the product and what it’s capable of.