Back in the day it was unheard of to have more than one TV in the same house. Today’s TVs are not only thinner, better quality, and HD (and color!), but they are also more affordable. Now it is common not only to have more than on TV in the same building, but also in the same sound space.

Wait…more than one TV in the same room? Isn’t that a little over the top? Actually, no. There are many situations where this could be advantageous. Here are just a few examples:

  • Adding an HDTV to a bathroom connected to your bedroom with an HDTV.
  • Adding another HDTV to a larger classroom so that people can see it in the back.
  • Adding digital signage to a public area that can display the same information simultaneously.
  • Adding more HDTVs to a restaurant or bar where you want to show the same content simultaneously.
2nd HDTV in Same Sound Space Kit

2nd HDTV in Same Sound Space Kit


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What You Need

Before we start, you need to know that a setup like this will display the same exact content on both displays. If you want to display separate content on two or more displays, you might want to check out the Sewell Spider HDMI Matrix.

There are a few things you’re going to need for this kind of setup. You can buy them separate, but to make things easier for you we’ve put together a kit that includes everything you’ll need (well, except for the TV):

  • LCD/Plasma Wallmount: To mount your 2nd TV to a wall.
  • Sewell Wallblade: Allows you to drop your wires (the power cable and your HDMI cable) behind a wall and still stay up to fire code. It also hides your cables and makes your wall set-up look nice.
  • Sewell InjectIR Remote Control Extender: If you’re watching the TV in the bathroom, but your Blu-Ray player or satellite receiver is in the other room, then your remote isn’t going to work. The same is true if you are too far away from your sources. The InjectIR uses the existing HDMI line going to your 2nd TV to extend the IR signal from your remote controls so that you can control your devices, even from the other room.
  • Sewell 1x2 HDMI Splitter: The Sewell HDMI Splitter is how you will split your high definition TV signal between your two displays. It is really easy to use, just plug in the cables and you're all set.
  • Sewell 10 ft HDMI Cable: This will go between the HDMI splitter and primary HDTV.
  • Sewell 50 ft HDMI Cable: This will go between the splitter and your 2nd TV that is further away.

Note: Unfortunately, you can’t change the cable that is included with the kit if you need a different length. 50 ft of HDMI cable is probably more than enough to do what you need, but we know that each installation is different, so make sure and measure to be sure you know how much cable you will need. If you do need longer cable you can buy an HDMI repeater, which will allow you to connect multiple cables together, with the added benefit of boosting the signal to ensure you don’t lose signal quality.

Set Up

How to install a 2nd HDTV in the same sound space

Now that you have everything you need, let’s get everything set up so you can begin enjoying your second HDTV.

  1. Once you know where you want your HDTV, follow this guide to install it using your wall mount.
  2. Use this guide to install your Sewell Wallblade, which allows you to power your new HDTV on the wall without showing all of those ugly wires.
  3. Connect the HDMI cable from your source (like your Blu-Ray player, satellite receiver, or other device) to the HDMI Splitter.
  4. Add the Sewell InjectIR using the HDMI cable connecting your splitter to the farthest TV.
  5. Connect your TVs to the HDMI Splitter using two HDMI cables. The farthest TV will use the HDMI cable with the InjectIR.

Congratulations you’re done! Now all that’s left is to enjoy the added flexibility that an additional TV can add to your sound space.