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Get the most out of your network equipment with this multifunction server. It's an all in one NAS, router, switch, VPN, print server, web server, and email server. It only requires one power outlet and reduces the clutter of having all these different units. This is perfect for SOHO (small office/home office) applications where a less expensive server is needed.

This server has many functions that are controlled by though web based controls. It includes a built in NAT and SPI firewall for network security. You can connect your computers to this server and share DSL/Cable modem connections to share the internet. It installs quickly and easily.

Shared Storage (NAS)

You also get an integrated DDNS client Network Attached Storage (NAS) system. This allows you to share a drive between the computers on your network. It supports inexpensive 3.5 inch ATA hard drives up to 400 GB(not included). It also allows for cross platform file sharing which allows you to share filed between Windows, Apple, and Linux machines. For added functionality, it supports up to two external USB drives from small flash drive storage or even a larger back up drive.

The SOHO Server is perfect for small businesses because it provides all the functionality of a corporate server on a smaller scale. It gives you the option to create a VPN to work away from the office. It also acts an email, web, and print server. It is all controlled though a network web browser and the firmware is upgradeable via HTTP. It includes a four port LAN switch to connect to other computers or routers.

You don't have to worry about outside hackers because it has DoS (Denial of Service) to keep unwanted visitors out of your internal network. Intellinet's multifunction SOHO Server appliance gives you many features without a lot of bulk at a cost effective level. You also get a lifetime warranty to protect it from defects for life. So you can rest assured that your server will remain true for the life of the server.



Mfg. Part Number

  • 508018


  • Intellinet

General Specifications

  • Multi-function Appliance Takes Up Less Space
  • Only Requires One Power Receptacle
  • Router & Firewall
  • 4-Port Auto-sensing LAN Switch
  • Network Attached Storage
  • E-mail Server
  • Web Server
  • Print Server
  • IPSec VPN Tunnels
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Easily create user and groups for access
  • Configuration over networked PC's web browser
  • Firmware Update via HTTP
  • Integrated DDNS client Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Uses inexpensive 3.5" ATA hard drives (up to 400 GBytes, HDD not included)
  • Supports 2 USB External Disk Drives
  • Cross platform file sharing (Windows, Apple, Linux)
  • Supports CIFS, FTP, HTTP, NFS, AFP 2.2 Protocols
  • FTP Server included (share files via FTP client or browser)
  • User and share folder level security
  • Optimized to used the maximum amount of space on hard drives
  • Router Connects to DSL and Cable Modems or to an Ethernet backbone
  • Share the Internet connection among the PCs in your local network
  • Acts as a DHCP server or client for your network
  • Routing Protocols: RIPv1, RIPv2
  • Routing: TCP, UDP, ICMP, ARP
  • Supports Virtual Servers Firewall
  • NAT and SPI firewall to protect your PCs from outside intruders
  • Denial of Service (DoS) attack protection
  • Packet filtering Virtual Private Networking
  • PPTP Server / Client
  • Lifetime Warranty

Package Contents

  • SOHO All-in-One Server Appliance
  • External Power Adapter & Cable
  • CD (Driver/Utility/User Manual/Quick Install Guide)
  • Quick Install Guide



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