HD-Link HL15 by Sewell

HDMI, IR, and USB over cat5e/6, TCP/IP, 390 ft.

Sewell Part # SW-32815

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Use the HD-Link Ctrl to send your HDMI, IR, and USB signals over a single inexpensive Cat5e/Cat6 cable for up to 390 ft (120m).

NOTE: This product utilizes HDMI over IP compression. While this enables the product to broadcast to multiple receivers at once, it also limits the picture quality. We reccomend using this product in situations where the picture quality is not an issue.

HD Link Receivers

Extended Control

USB specifications limit the maximum distance of USB cable to only 15ft. HDMI cables become unreliable to display a full 1080p signal at 15ft. The HD-Link Ctrl will allow you to extend those distances up to 390ft. This is especially useful if you want to add multiple access points to your computer or device. That means you can have your computer in one room and control it from another. Devices other than computers can be used as well. An IR signal can also be transfered to allow control of your IR controlled devices such as a cable box or blu-ray player. The only connection needed is a single Cat5e/Cat6 cable.

Silverback HDMI Cable by Sewell

HDMI over Cat5

HDMI over TCP/IP Technology

HDMI over TCP/IP is a new and powerful method of extending an HDMI signal. IP extenders allow an HDMI source to be connected to any Ethernet LAN allowing AV broadcasts to be set up and changed without the need to install a dedicated cabling system. Essentially you can extend an HDMI, IR, and USB signal to any room on a network with the HD-Link Ctrl.

The HD-Link Ctrl will also work point to point like a traditional HDMI over Cat5e/Cat6 extender.

Cat6 Cable for HD-Link and Link Series Extenders

Ethernet cable is a fraction of the cost of long HDMI cable, mainly due to the different requirements of building these two cable types. HDMI cable typically requires much more copper and is thicker than Cat5e and Cat6 networking cable. Also, many modern buildings these days are already wired with Cat5e or Cat6 cable, making this solution by far the most cost effective and least labor intensive solution available.

How This Works

This kit comes as a pair, with one sender and one receiver. Each set-up requires only one line of Cat5e or Cat6. Once you've connected your HDMI, IR, or USB cables to the sender and receiver boxes, you'll plug in the included power supplies and your extension system is ready.

HDMI over Fiber AOC 4K

Link Line Overview


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-32815


  • Link by Sewell


  • Extends HDMI, IR, and USB
  • HDCP Compliant
  • Single Cat5e/6
  • Supports TCP/IP Routing and Extension


  • Frequency Bandwidth: 2.25Gbps (Single Link)
  • Resolution support up to 1080p @ 60Hz
  • Sender Ports: DC 5V, HDMI, USB, IR, LAN
  • Receiver Ports: DC 5V, HDMI, (2)USB, IR, LAN
  • Dimensions:
  • 93x68x29mm
  • Operation Distance: up to 390ft
  • Operating Temperature: 0°- 70°C / 32°- 158°F
  • Storage Temperature: -40°- 85°C / -40°- 185°F

Package Contents

  • HDMI w/KVM Extender Transmitter
  • HDMI w/KVM Extender Receiver
  • IR Transmitter
  • IR Receiver
  • USB Cable (3ft)
  • DC 5V 1A Power Supply: 2pcs


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Most helpful reviews

horrible device

wobbegong - 2/21/2017 2:54:36 PM

0 found this review helpful

Pros: combines HDMI, IR, and USB

Cons: does it very poorly

Other: The HDMI video transmitted by this device is plagued by horrible video noise (that is not present with similar devices such as the (much less expensive) Monoprice Bit-Path AV or the (more expensive) Gefen GTV-HDBT-POL). The USB connection works fine with a keyboard and mouse but it doesn't work at all with a Microsoft Media Center 1040 IR-to-USB receiver/transmitter (while that device works just fine with an AV Access U2EX50 USB 2.0 Extender). I returned the HD-Link HL15 to Sewell and they refunded the price I paid for it but not my cost for returning it, saying that it was not defective (which implies that every one of these devices suffers from the defects that I described above). I would have given this device a zero-star rating if that were possible.

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- 2/6/2017 8:13:12 PM

0 found this review helpful

Pros: ......

Cons: Resolution honestly didn't look the greatest. Mouse worked fine but touch screen monitor over usb was nonresponsive.


Was this review helpful?

Not Impressed

Genesis - 2/1/2017 11:10:13 AM

0 found this review helpful

Pros: Nice Concept

Cons: For being a HDMI signal the quality is less than desirable. Also initial problems with the device first recognizing the keyboard but no mouse function. It took approximately (3) reboots for both Keyboard and Mouse to be recognized. The image itself is extremely grainy.

Other: We are a leading AV integrator in Michigan and have used many products from Sewell and had high hopes for this unit in our application. We are only pushing this signal about 25 ft to a Judges bench and have tested and re-tested our RJ45s and Cat5 to make sure it was not on our end. I would not recommend this product. I have ended up just using a Sewell HDMI balun and a competitors USB extender. It is unfortunate as we had purchased (4) of these units and installed them (based on our confidence with the Sewell product line) and have discarded the original packaging therefore we are going to have to eat the cost.

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Most recent reviews

horrible device

wobbegong - 2/21/2017 2:54:36 PM

combines HDMI, IR, and USB

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- 2/6/2017 8:13:12 PM


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Not Impressed

Genesis - 2/1/2017 11:10:13 AM

Nice Concept

Was this review helpful?

Cool piece

Alan - 12/2/2016 9:33:29 PM

Works very well as a stand alone or over a very large network with fiber between managed switches

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