Epiphan VGA2USB LR VGA to USB Frame Grabber


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Note: Epiphan products are subject to special return/warranty policies. See below for more details.

How It Works

VGA2USB LR Connection Diagram

16 MB of onboard memory allows the unit to perform flawlessly, grabbing at least 10 frames per second of uncompressed video at 1280 x 1024 resolution or 30 frames per second of compressed video at 1280 x 1024.


Using the Epiphan VGA2USB VGA to USB converter is as easy as connecting it to your VGA source via an included cable and connecting it to your system's USB port.


Epiphan products are subject to a special return policy: Frame Grabbers may be returned within a 30-day period.


Epiphan products come with a 1 year “repair & return” warranty. You can extend your warranty period to 3 years with our standard Sewell Extended Warranty.

Open-Box Products

Open-box Epiphan products include a 90-day warranty through Sewell Direct. Open-box Frame Grabbers can be returned within a 30-day period.

You can rent any of our open-box Epiphan products for 33% of the RETAIL price of the product per month up to the full retail price. These products include a 90-day warranty through Sewell Direct. Sales are final for rent-to-own open-box products.

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Mfg. Part Number



  • Epiphan


  • Deliver one-touch printing solutions (with our VGA Printer)
  • Record demos, training videos, quality tests, and more (with our VGA Recorder)
  • Enhance remote meetings, web-based training, technical support, and demos (with our VGA2WEB solution or any collaboration software)


  • Supports USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 buses. Performance of the VGA2USB LR device will be significantly downgraded, however, when connected to a USB 1.1 bus.


  • 3.54"×2.36"×0.91"
  • 90×60×23 mm


  • One VGA D type connector
  • One USB mini B type connector

VGA Signaling

  • R,G,B plus separate HSYNC and VSYNC signals
  • R,G,B plus CSYNC signal
  • R,G,B with Sync-On-Green synchronization

VGA Modes

  • HSYNC rate is between 15KHz and 150KHz
  • Pixel rate is between 12 MPixel/s and 120 MPixel/s for noninterlaced grab
  • Pixel rate is between 120 MPixel/s and 160 MPixel/s for two consequent frame interlaced grab.

Color Resolution

  • VESA modes: 720×400, 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768, 1152×864, 1152×900, 1280×960, 1280×10241.
  • Custom VGA modes

Update Rate

  • Frame Rate Varies Depending on Content
  • 640×480
  • 30.0 - 60 fps
  • 800×600
  • 22.6 - 60 fps
  • 1024×768 15.0 - 60 fps
  • 1280×1024 10.0 - 51 fps

Video Format Options

  • RGB plus HSync and VSync (5 wire)


  • One LED to indicate the status of the VGA2USB (power, readiness, and operation in progress)

OS Support

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 (i386, x64)
  • Mac OS X 10.4 and up (ppc, i386, x86_64)
  • Linux (x86, x86_64)2
  • DirectShow (Windows), QuickTime (Mac OS X) and V4L (Linux) integration

Country of Origin

  • Made in North America (Canada)


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Can I get 3 FPS at 1024 by 768? Also what runs on the Computer side of the USB port? Are the frames in an AVI file or something simular?


The Epiphan VGA2USB LR Edition can support capturing up to 30 FPS at 1024x768 resolution and can even do the same at 1280x1024. The capture unit connects with a standard USB A to USB mini B cable. The adapter uses the Epiphan software to capture and view the video signals. It will capture video to an AVI file, or can do it as still images to BMPs, PNGs or JPGs.

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