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Career Opportunities

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"It's good job experience and a solid company. Lots of experience working with customers, technical products and other working professionals."
Part-time since 2010

"Sewell is a company big enough to get things done but small enough for people to make a difference."
Full-time since 2005

"As a former employee looking back, I can honestly say that Sewell Direct was the best employment decision I could have made, especially as a college student. I didn't realize it at the time, but even as a part-time employee, I was afforded tremendous opportunities to participate in a wide range of projects, take on new responsibilities, and learn firsthand how a successful retail business operates. At Sewell I was able to learn more about the fundamentals of business than I did from all of my business classes combined."
Former Part-time Employee, 2007-2010

"I've been able to see so many aspects of how a business is run. I definitely wouldn't get that experience working for a bigger company."
Part-time since 2009

Sewell Direct accepts resumes at any time for all positions. If you are interested in a listed job please send your resume to the indicated email address in the job description. If you are interested in a non-listed job please send your resume to

Current Job Openings

Channels (Amazon, eBay, NewEgg, etc.) Coordinator
Part Time Email Marketing/Customization Strategist
Part Time PR Specialist
Part Time Product Manager
Part-time Customer Experience Agent
Part-time Customer Experience Technician
Part-time Graphic Designer
Part-time Industrial Designer

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