DVI-A Male to VGA Female Adapter Neutral/Beige Color


Sewell Part # SW-2602

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This adapter will convert your DVI port to a classic VGA port allowing you to connect a VGA monitor to a computer's DVI port.

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This converter is NOT compatible with digital (DVI-D) signals, but only for DVI-I monitors and DVI-I graphics cards that emit and accept DVI-A signals.


Mfg. Part Number

  • CD12Z000VGAF


System Requirements

  • Windows and Mac OS


  • DVI-A Male to VGA HD15 Female


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How do I know whether the ports on my video card are of the "A" type (DVI-A)?


There are a few different types of DVI connections. If you go to the Understanding DVI post on our Tech Blog, you can view pictures and information that will help you determine what type of port you have.

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I just submitted a question, that after sending I realize wasn't clear what I was asking. Let me rephrase. I have DVI-D video card with dual output. I have a splitter attached to the card to split it to two DVI-D. Can I attach your "DVI-A Male to VGA Female Adapter" to the end of the splitter to power a VGA monitor? Thanks, Jay


Unfortunately even if your splitter did split both the -D and -A signals, unfortunately most video cards do not like outputting to both at the same time, so this probably won't work. If you were correct in saying your computer's graphics card was DVI-D, there is no chance it will work, but often DVI-I (which includes both the -A and -D) is mistaken for DVI-D on graphics cards.

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I have a DVI-D (Digital) single link video card and would like to know which adapter to connect to convert it to VGA Female Adapter - do I need DVI-I (Integrated) Dual Link for VGA Female? thanks


Since DVI-D is for digital signals only and VGA is an analog signal you will need a digital to analog signal converter. You would need to use something like the Gefen DVI to VGA Conversion Box, SW-4141.

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