DVI to Component Video Cable, 6 ft

Sewell Part # SW-4281-06


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This Cable works only if your DVI port outputs YPbPr, the standard component video signal. If you're not sure, please contact your graphics card or computer manufacturer first.

Component video uses a sync-on-green video signal. Some high-end or TV-friendly video cards can output this same signal with no external conversion. These simple cables will take the sync-on-green signal from a compatible video card to the RCA input on your component display. Some projectors come equipped with a DVI-I input that can also read the sync-on-green signal from any component source.

These cables are 100 percent shielded by overlapped foil and copper braid with 360-degree tin soldering between braid and foil in order to protect your signal from any interference, guaranteeing a crystal clear signal from transmitter to source. And with ultra heavy-duty jacketing and heavy-duty connectors, these cables are built to last.


These cables are not compatible with PC or Mac video card outputs unless specifically stated in your video card. Both devices MUST support Y, Pb, Pr (sync-on-green) signals. If you're looking for a way to use your computer video output with your HDTV display, check out our VGA to HDTV Converter.

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Mfg. Part Number

  • 20604-06


  • CSC


  • 1 DVI-I Male to 3 RCA Male (Red, Green, Blue)


  • Oxidation-resistant connectors
  • Ultra-flexible jacket and oversized thumbscrews for easy installation
  • 100% shielded with heavy-duty molded jacket, copper braid, and foil
  • Constructed of three individually shielded miniature 75-ohm coax cables


  • Satellite TV
  • HDTV
  • DVI-I
  • Component
  • Y/pb/ Pr video
  • Most LCD Projectors


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DVI to Component

Anonymous - 4/28/2008 9:14:39 AM

6 found this review helpful


Cons: Would not work with a DVI-D connection

Other: Sewell Direct Note: These cables do not do any active conversion, and will not work with the digital only DVI-D signals.

5 stars

Anonymous - 2/3/2009 11:45:27 AM

1 found this review helpful

Pros: This Cable I feel is just fine.

Cons: Unable to get it working with the project I was building

Other: Can I return it for a refund? If so I will get it into the mail. Thanks in advance

No So Good

Weenie - 9/20/2009 8:18:00 AM

0 found this review helpful

Pros: Very well constructed, a novel idea.

Cons: Doesn't work. I should be specific... it only works with a razor-thin selection of video cards, the exact specs of which are not listed anywhere that I know of.

Other: I ended up going with an s-vid to component cable and it worked just peachy.

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Most recent reviews

No So Good

Weenie - 9/20/2009 8:18:00 AM

Very well constructed, a novel idea.

5 stars

Anonymous - 2/3/2009 11:45:27 AM

This Cable I feel is just fine.

DVI to Component Cable

Anonymous - 9/17/2008 9:17:36 AM

Anonymous - 6/11/2008 7:45:38 PM

DVI to Component

Anonymous - 4/28/2008 9:14:39 AM


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I want to use my mac mini with DVI output with my 42 inch Panasonic Viera Plasma display, which has 1 component and 3 RGB inputs. Will this cable work or do you have another proposition.?


The Mac video cards do not support the component (sync-on-green) signal over DVI, so I don't think this would work. If you have a VGA port on your TV (three rows of 5 pins) then you can use a DVI to VGA cable

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I want to watch the output from my DVD/HDD recorder with component video output on my LCD computer monitor with DVI input. Will this cable work?


These cables do not convert the signal in any way. In order for them to work, the DVI device must be fully capable of supporting a component signal through the DVI port. Unfortunately, not very many DVI displays are capable of doing so. To find out if it will work with your display, you'll need to contact the manufacturer of your display and ask them if the DVI port is capable of interpreting a component signal. If it does then it should work just fine for you.

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i want to display the desktop from my computer to three large screen hdtvs. The computer has two dvi outs that work on two displays at one time. I have component in one of the hdtvs with a single booster. What do I need to get the displays working from the PC.


This adapter will only work with video cards that natively support outputting a component (YPbPr) signal through the DVI port. Unfortunately, we do not have a list of which video cards do or don't support that. To find out if your video card supports that, you would need to call the manufacturer of your video card and ask them. If they do tell you that your video card can do it, this should work just fine with your video card. If you need to convert a DVI-I signal from your PC to component use a dvi to vga adapter along with one of our VGA to component converters. If you have HDMI on your TV, we suggest using that input instead. If you need an additional DVI connection on your computer, either install another video card or use our USB to DVI video card.

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