DVI Splitter Cable (DVI to DVI and VGA), 1 ft.

Sewell Part # SW-4878


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This cable does not mirror an image on two displays. It allows you to have two displays connected to one source (i.e. projector and monitor) and to use one display or the other without having to connect or disconnect the cables which can lead to connector stress damage.

This splitter cable is precision made with fine materials. The connectors are double enforced with PVC jacketing to prevent stress fractures in the conductor circuit. All interfaces are gold-plated to prevent corrosion and to increase conductivity.

Depending on your cable configuration, you might need a Distribution Amplifier if you want to mirror your A/V on two or more displays.

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Mfg. Part Number

  • H2519


  • CSC


  • DVI-I Male to DVI Female and HD-15 VGA Female


  • 1 foot


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Anonymous - 8/12/2009 11:56:08 AM

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Cons: Makes an intermittent noise line in my DVI monitor. Flickers in an out. Not debilitating but annoying enough I don't want to leave it connected when not using the VGA split off.


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Anonymous - 8/12/2009 11:56:08 AM


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HJI, I want a simple adapter that will allow an either/or connection from a mac mini (DVI) to a DVI lcd monitor OR a projector with vga(1024x768) input. In other words, use the mac mini with DVI monitor UNLESS I turn on the projector- doesnt need to be simultaneous- just dont want to have to unplug anything. thanks for any info chriso


As long as only one display is on at a time, it should work for you. (Note however that many displays use a standby mode, rather than completely powering off, which may interfere with usage as you described)

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I have a mac mini and I want to hook it up to a monitor (VGA)and a TV(Apple DVI to Video Adapter) . Is this the right thing to split the signals. I won't need to have the video source on the TV and the monitor at the same time.


I'm afraid that this would not work for you. This splitter would only take the Digital signal to your Apple adatper and would not send the TV signal. You might be able to connect a DVI splitter, but the comptuer will usually only allow you to connect one display at a time. You can use a PC to TV converter to simulataneously output to both a monitor and TV.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 530S. I want to drive two monitors from the DVI-I port on the graphics card, and extend the windows desktop across the two monitors. One monitor (Envision EN7500) accepts 15 pin VGA only and the other new Dell monitor accepts DVI or VGA. Will this device work, and if not, can you recommend one?


This cable will only work how you are describing if your video card natively supports outputting a digital and an analog signal simultaneously. Unfortunately, very few video cards actually support that. In most cases you would need to ugrade to a video card that has 2 video outputs. If that is not an option you can add a second output using our USB to DVI external video card.

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