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With a built-in lithium-ion battery, the Personal Hotspot Maker is your very own WiFi hotspot on the go! All you need is a phone or USB modem with an active data plan and you've got a WiFi connection for yourself and your friends.

But don't worry about unwanted guests eating up your bandwidth. The Personal Hotspot Maker comes with the option of including 64/128 bit WEP or WPA encryption in their various flavors.

This personal router is just what you need for wifi on the road. It's great for travelling business groups who now only need one data plan and compatible phone to access the internet. It's also ideal for vacations where you'll have multiple people needing an internet connection (think family reunion). Regardless of the circumstances, the Personal Hotspot Maker is your solution for getting your internet whenever and wherever you want it.

Main Features

Compliant with IEEE 802.11 b/g Standards
Tethers to Cellular phone or Cellular USB modem for WiFi access anywhere in coverage
Compact and portable
Charges handset via USB or powers USB modem
Up to 3 hours WiFi with Handset; 1-1/2 hours with USB modem
Added firewall prevents unauthorized use of your bandwidth

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Mfg. Part Number

  • PHS-300


  • Cradlepoint


  • Enable/Disable SSID, Internet Access Control (Services, URL, and MAC)


  • NAT (Network Address Translation) with SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection)

WiFi Standards

  • IEEE 802.11b/g


  • 3.6" x 2.8" x 0.8" (92 mm x 70 mm x 19 mm)


  • 4 oz.

Sprint-Compatible Hardware

  • USB :
  • Franklin CDU-550
  • Franklin CDU-680
  • Novatel U720
  • Novatel U727
  • Sierra Wireless 595U
  • Sierra Wireless C597
  • (Compass 597)
  • ExpressCard (USB to ExpressCard adapter required)
  • Kyocera KPC680
  • Sierra Wireless 597E
  • Phones :
  • Blackberry 8703e
  • Blackberry 8130
  • Blackberry 8830
  • *HTC Touch
  • *HTC Mogul (6800)
  • *HTC Apache (6700)
  • LG Fusic LX-500
  • LG Muziq
  • Motorola KRZR
  • Motorola RAZR V3c
  • Motorola RAZR2
  • Motorola Q
  • Motorola Q9c
  • Palm Centro
  • Palm 700w
  • Palm 755p
  • Samsung A900
  • Samsung A900M
  • Samsung A920
  • Samsung i830
  • Sanyo Katana
  • Sanyo Katana 2 Sanyo M1
  • Sanyo SCP-8400
  • * - Windows Mobile Devices have exhibited erratic behavior when sharing a connection.

Verizon-Compatible Hardware

  • USB :
  • Novatel USB720
  • Novatel USB727
  • Pantech UM150
  • Sierra Wireless 595U
  • ExpressCard (USB to ExpressCard Required)
  • Kyocera KPC680
  • Novatel V740
  • Phones :
  • Blackberry 8703e
  • Blackberry 8130
  • Blackberry 8830
  • LG VX7200
  • LG VX8000
  • LG VX8300
  • Motorola RAZR V3c
  • Palm 700p

AT&T-Compatible Hardware

  • USB :
  • Sierra Wireless 881U
  • Sierra Wireless 875U
  • USBConnect 881
  • USBConnect Mercury
  • ExpressCard (USB to ExpressCard Adapter Required)
  • Option GT Max 3.6
  • Phones :
  • Motorola Q v9h
  • Motorola RAZR v3xx
  • Samsung SGH-A707
  • Samsung Blackjack

Alltel-Compatible Hardware

  • USB :
  • Pantech UM150


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Most helpful reviews

SW 8976 Personal Hotspot

Robert - 11/16/2008 8:46:34 PM

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Pros: Truly Plug & Play (at&t U875). Easily allowed access to P.C. and WiFi Phone.

Cons: Power consumption. The menu does allow for WiFi power levels to be adjusted for longer battery life.

Other: This is my second purchase of a cell-router from Sewell, this company is outstanding in service & support. Many thank's Sewell, my cleint's are very pleased with your products.

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Most recent reviews

SW 8976 Personal Hotspot

Robert - 11/16/2008 8:46:34 PM

Truly Plug & Play (at&t U875). Easily allowed access to P.C. and WiFi Phone.

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So, a couple of questions. I have an AT & T cellular phone, I have moved to a house where there is no internet connection - not sure how long I will be there - maybe 6 months, maybe a year. I will be doing some business travel and would like to have internet access wherever I need to. What would I need to use this person wi-fi hot spot? What would I have to get, and how am I charged for the access after I've purchased whatever I need to purchase? I'm afraid I don't really understand how this works and what I would need. I may at times be on the internet for 4 - 8 hours on certain days, other days, only a few minutes.


In order to use this adapter, you would just need to have one of the phones that are listed as supported in the product specifications. Then you would need to have the cable used to connection to a computer through USB. This cable would connect to this personal hotspot maker. That item would connect to the internet through your phone and broadcast a wifi signal you can use to get online. You would need to make sure you have a full data plan through AT&T to make sure you don't get charged outrages rates for the data you transfer.

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Is this Version 1 or Version 2 of the product. Version 2 supports 4g. thanks.


This supports 3g and 4g.

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