Component YPbPr (RGB RCA) to Composite (Yellow RCA) and S-Video w/ Down Scaler


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Downscaler Connection Diagram

If you have a component (YPbPr or Red, Green, Blue RCA interfaces) source that you need to display on a TV with a composite input (typically yellow RCA) or S-Video, this converter is perfect for you. This converter also handles audio pass-through with dual RCA input on the component side and 3.5mm stereo output on the composite side.

Why The Conversion Box?

Component and composite/s-video signals are two very different signals. With component, the video signal is divided into three different signals in order to theoretically transmit up to 3 times as much video information, making component capable of handling HD resolutions up to 1080p. Composite and S-Video (both the same signal) don't have high definition capabilities and handle all video over a single conductor.

This conversion box not only integrates the RGB component signal into the composite signal (something a simple cable can't do), and also downscales the signal to fit the resolution of your standard definition composite TV.

This converter also includes a PAL/NTSC switch (PAL for European/Asian (except Japan) users, NTSC for North American/Japanese users) Downscaler ports


(1) LED Power Indicator
(2) Component (YPbPr) Ports (input)
(3) Left/Right Stereo Input
(4) Power Adapter (included) plugs here
(5) 3.5mm stereo audio output (3.5mm audio cable included)
(6) Composite (yellow RCA) output
(7) S-Video output
(8) S-Video/Composite switch
(9) NTSC/PAL switch (North America uses NTSC)


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-22309


  • Generic


  • Input: 1 Component Video (YPbPr), Audio R/L
  • Output: 1 Composite Video (RCA), 1 S-video
  • Input component video resolution: 1080P/60, 1080P/50, 1080i/60, 1080i/50, 720P/60,
  • 720P/50, 576P, 480P, 576i and 480i.
  • Output video to either composite or s-video
  • With Audio L and Audio R inputs supports earphone
  • Output video supports both NTSC and PAL. Switch by button on the box
  • Portable size: 11 (L)X7(W)X2.6(H) cm
  • Black piano color
  • Power supplier: 5V/2A
  • Accessories: 1x Power supplier, 1x YPBPR cable (1.5m), 1x single RCA video cable
  • (2 m), 1x S-Video cable (1.5 m), 1x 3.5 Audio cable (1.5m), 1x Audio cable (1.5m).

Package Includes

  • YpbPr to Composite/S-Video with Audio Converter
  • Single RCA cable
  • 6' YPbPr cable
  • S-Video cable
  • 3.5 Audio cable
  • Power Adaptor 5V/1A
  • User Manual


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I have a non HD box that give me a red/black (sound) and yellow video connection and want to go to a Y Pb Pr + black and white connection for a switch box that connect many HD TV, would your box do the trick?


It sounds like the box would have to give red/white for sound and not red/black, correct? Sounds like you need to go from composite to component, not component to composite like this converter provides. However, often component inputs will support composite signals. This is at least the case for many newer HDTVs. I can't say for sure with your switch, but I would find out in the manual or with the manufacturer if it also supports standard definition composite signals.

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