Wallblade, Recessed Wall Plate Keystone Cable Drop with Power

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The Sewell WallBlade provides a clean wall plate look for a power outlet for your TV or projector and for the audio video cables connected to them, all without having to tap into existing power lines. The WallBlade makes your home theater system that much easier to install, plus you get a professional look to your installation without having to hire a professional to install it.

Wallblade connection diagram

How It Works

Setting up a great home theater system comes with a drawback: cables. Installing all those cables without making a tangled mess can be difficult. Hiding those cables in the wall is the obvious solution, but doing that usually involves tapping into your home’s power lines, a daunting prospect if you aren’t an electrician. The WallBlade has two wall plates, one equipped with plug and the other with a socket. The plate with the socket goes next to your TV or projector, and the plate with the plug goes next to the rest of your equipment (like your DVD or blue ray player). The provided In-Wall power cable goes between the two plates, acting like an extension cable in the wall. To finish the setup you simply use the included Extension cable with a standard electrical outlet to finish the setup. It’s that simple.

The WallBlade helps you with more than just your power cables. With this WallBlade setup you can easily install up to 6 keystone jacks, making your install look even more professional.

Keystone Jacks

With the keystone jack Wallblade, all your cables run behind the wall and the keystone jacks act like couplers. This helps you cut down even more on those unsightly cables and keep your installation looking even cleaner. Keystone jacks are standard mounts for different kinds of low voltage connections. That means you can use them for most cables that deal with data transfer. In your home theater setup, this is a great option for HDMI jacks, your satellite or cable connection, or speaker cables.

The Sewell WallBlade enables you to do your HDTV or Projector installation right, making sure you keep it up to electric code, and have a nice looking wall plate while you're at it. And the best part is, it’s easy to install, saving you time and money.

To make your install even easier, you may want to check out our Cable Drop WallBlade. This model also allows you to cleanly hide your cables behind the wall, but without having to worry about the keystone jacks. You simply pull the wires through cable drop holes.


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-30178


  • Sewell

Package Contents

  • Top Plate With Power Receptacle
  • Bottom Plate With Power Plug
  • 10 Foot Extension Cable
  • 10 Foot In-Wall NM-B UL Listed Power Cable


  • 5" W x 5" T x 3.5" D (2" Deep on keystone jack side, 3.5" on power outlet side)
  • Opening on the keystone jack side is 1.5" x 1.5"

Customer Reviews

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Part Number: SW-30178
Great Product!

Pros: This product allows me to hide all the power wires and low voltage wires inside the wall. They are not at all visible. The upper box fits inside the frame of the TV mount (barely, see comment). All the wiring is then run to the back of the TV. The lower box fits behind the cabinet holding my components (e.g., AVR, blu-ray, Roku). No wires are visible anywhere, which makes for a nice, clean look.Cons: Minor problem getting a couple of the keystones in place, but not too bad.Other: I wish the product was available in two separate boxes top and bottom rather than one double box top and bottom. I had to dismantle the TV mount to get the upper box installed, and even then, it was so tight that the cover plate would not fit on it. It's behind the TV so it's not visible. If the power was available in its own pair of recessed single boxes, and the low voltage was available in two single boxes, it would have been easier for me. Still, I like the product and the wires aren't visible. No one sees that the cover plate isn't on so it really doesn't matter.

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