WallBlade Keystone Jack Plate Accessory 2 Pack

SKU SW-33034


The WallBlade Keystone Jack Plate accessory is a great way to take your clean WallBlade setup one step further. By using standard keystone jacks with this plate you can create more permanent looking jacks on the WallBlade instead of just running loose cables. This provides an even cleaner look than ever while still providing the easiest installation possible.

The Keystone Jack Plate supports up to 6 keystone jacks. This allows for complete customization of your home theater system. You can place keystone jacks for HDMI, RCA, Toslink, and much more.

This Keystone Jack plate replaces the cable drop channel found on the back of the WallBlade. The plate is held in place by two screws that are quick and simple to replace and adds nearly no time to your WallBlade installation.

Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-33034


  • Sewell Wall Plates and Cable Management

Package Contents

  • Two Keystone Jack Plates for WallBlade

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