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Andrew Roaldi
Not working

I have tried it a couple times now and it isn't working at all.

We're sorry that our product isn't working! Feel free to contact us if you would like to troubleshoot or set up a return.

Steve Schwartz
Works great!

We are very happy with the converter you sold us. It works perfectly and it's fun to have the wii system to play again on a new tv.

Matt Maynard

Wii to HDMI Converter

b nguyen
best affordable option but with one issue

when compared to similar converters like the popular portholic, this one does result in a noticeable upgrade in clarity in my use. unfortunately i had to return the sewell one due to the intermittent jailbar lines that coat the screen like some users have mentioned. i only use premium connections with all my electronics so i don't know the root of the problem. my portholic one did not have this issue.
when contacted about the it, the sewell rep was understanding and offered an exchange or return

Garrett Murray
Low input lag, but visual interference

The device works as it should and has low input lag as described, but just like some other reviews I’ve read I’ve also been noticing faint diagonal lines that move across the screen. It’s definitely more pronounced when in 480p mode, than 480i. I had another cheaper brand before this one and a similar thing happened. Guess these things just have poor shielding inside to block interference. Reached out to Sewell, but apparently my warranty ran out on the device so I just have to live with it. Otherwise the device works fine and functions well, other than the slightly jarring wave of faint lines that move across screen. So I’d say it’s a fairly good device, but not great, considering the higher price over the other brands. Basically paying the premium for the low input lag since the other brand I had had a similar issue with the lines.

We're sorry that device caused you problems and hope we can do business in the future!

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