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Part Number: SW-30647
Perfect for manual control

Pros: Rugged, reliable, quick to link, and real manual buttons which allow anyone to select the correct input source for a projection system in a large multipurpose room. I placed large label next to each button so that there is no training required to use the system. Looked all over for a unit with buttons on the front and cables on the back. It has been running flawlessly for 6 months with dozens of untrained, inexperienced users. Perfect! Cons: Expensive for just a 4 x 1 switch. Note I blocked access to the "mode change" buttons and removed the remote control from the area. That way no one can change anything. It just works as a manual selector.Other: Run it 24/7 and the unit stays cool. Buttons have nice detent.

Jeff Hawkey
Part Number: SW-30647
Well-built product works perfectly

Pros: Easy-to-use, intuitive, front-panel buttons. Well constructed. Truly seamless switching. Plug-n-play.Cons: It's a little pricey, but none of the less-expensive products truly do seamless switching (many claim to--but they don't).Other: We needed a truly seamless switcher that doesn't glitch. This one works perfectly.

Part Number: SW-30647
I was skeptical but it did everything it promised

Pros: I was skeptical because of the low price (if you don't know what seamless switching is this isn't the product for you - you can get a much cheaper 4x1 HDMI switch if you don't need instant switching or multiple video sources displayed on a single monitor at once). Just to put the current $500 CrossBow price in perspective the last time I used a seamless switch was the Gefen ext-hd-mvsl-441 which I believe costs $2k. The box itself doesn't look as good as Gefen's but it does exactly what it's supposed to do. Switching between multiple sources is instant and displaying multiple sources on a single screen at once is intuitive.Cons: No IP control (has RS-232, but should have IP) I wish you had more control over the screen layout when displaying multiple sources.Other: A solid unit, I would recommend it for anybody in the market for a reasonably priced seamless switch.

Brian Jack
Part Number: SW-30647
Very good product

Pros: Easy to setup and use. The system works very well with no video or Audio lapCons: Does not let edit the screen size or do more than Quad, 3/1 or 1 screens. Could have side by side. No ability to edit the resolution of the screens individuallyOther: Overall, I would highly recommend this product. It works great, is easy to setup and is very useful.

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