Switchdeck, 4K HDMI 2.0 Switch

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The SwitchDecks support full HD, 3D, HDR signals up to 4K 60Hz, and allows you to switch between multiple HDMI sources with ease.

The SwitchDeck is an active switcher which amplifies and equalizes the input signal in order to perform at maximum spec. The signal amplification lets you use longer HDMI cables and achieve optimal results.

HDMI 2.0

The main spec to look for when trying to find a true-HDMI 2.0 switch (also including HDMI 2.0a and HDMI 2.0b) is the bandwidth spec-- it should be 18 Gbps. If an HDMI splitter passes this bandwidth, it can achieve full 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 chroma.


Plug and Play

Switch sources either with a press of the button or automatically when a device is powered on. The pigtail design allows for easy access to each port and organization of cables. LED lights indicate which source is currently being used.

Customer Reviews

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Switchdeck, 4K HDMI 2.0 Switch

does not support 4k

passes all other signals but 4k.i have a Samsung 4k Blu-ray player.i have all 4k supporting cables.if I plug my player into my tv or projector,it works fine.your little switcher will not pass 4k signals.do you want it back"?

Part Number: SW-32995
Great so far (4 days of usage)

Pros: only 1 wire to tv and 3 possible hdmi inputs; no external power cord needed (seemed like one of few hdmi switchers like this when searched online)Cons: thought it might automatically switch to my chromecast when none of the other hdmi sources were on. doesn't seem to be the case, thus requiring a manual press of the switcher's button to view the chromecast (less convenient, but not a big deal). Other: got for an older kitchen tv w/only 1 hdmi to switch b/t a chromecast & directv box and works for that purpose; would recommend; purchased for newer hdmi specs in case this switcher is transferred to 4k tv in the future since costed about same as 1080P-only units. I hope Sewell branches into other product lines b/c of quality of received item and up to date specs (internal pc card readers would be nice but know they probably can't if the market is weak unless they get good word of mouth)

Part Number: SW-32910
Works Great - As Promised

Pros: Passes/switches the full signal from my Xbox One X, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. HDR games and 4K HDR discs work perfectly, as does SDR content. The included remote is fine, but I'm using my Harmony Elite and it works great.Cons: IR controls are not discrete. I'm using two of them in my setup and the IR signal switches both units at the same time. It's OK in my setup, but I can imagine it being a problem in others. I would only take 1/2 star off for this.Other: I'm using these in an elaborate setup with the IBIS Pro switches feeding into the Switch Decks and it all works together really well. Very happy!

Part Number: SW-32911
Switchdeck Rocks

Pros: Compact, well-designed, and easy to install. Cons: Other: Was able to eliminate all the clutter connected to the tv, making cable routing a breeze. Automatically rolls to the input in use, so you'll be giving your tv remote a rest. Well done with this one, Sewell!

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