Crossbow HDMI Multiviewer Seamless Switch

SKU SW-30647


  • Seamless HDMI Switch

    Switch from one HDMI source to another in 100ms (traditional HDMI Switchers take around 5-8 seconds on average).
  • 4-Port HDMI Multiviewer

  • Stream 4 simultaneous HDMI sources onto one screen, allowing you to view them all at once.
  • Built-in IR Extension

    Control source devices that are far away from the screen or not in line-of-sight of the remote control.(Supports Logitech Harmony Remotes)

Entertainment isn’t limited to one screen anymore. While we’re watching the game, we’re checking our phone to see what people are saying about it. We read up on the newest game while playing it. And every time we switch, we miss something.

Imagine seamlessly combining all of your HDMI signals into one output. The Crossbow allows you to connect your computer, steaming devices, and more all to one screen.

Crossbow Display Modes

Instant Seamless Switching

The Crossbow’s advanced processor allows it to process four live signals simultaneously. That means it can seamlessly and instantly switch between four HD inputs. Most switches require a delay of several seconds before they can switch between devices. With the Crossbow, that wait time is completely eliminated.

Multiple Viewing Modes

We live in a multi-screen world with most people moving between multiple devices for work and entertainment. Imagine condensing all of that content onto one awesome display. The Crossbow allows you to connect up to four HD sources onto one screen and view all of them simultaneously.

Crossbow Display Modes

Not only that, it allows you to adjust the way you look at your content. You can choose to watch one screen, divide up the four sources into four equal sections of your screen to make a video wall, or focus on one source and have the other three sources off to one side. And you can easily cycle through which source is displayed where using the remote.

Crossbow Connection Diagram


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Part Number: SW-30647
Perfect for manual control

Pros: Rugged, reliable, quick to link, and real manual buttons which allow anyone to select the correct input source for a projection system in a large multipurpose room. I placed large label next to each button so that there is no training required to use the system. Looked all over for a unit with buttons on the front and cables on the back. It has been running flawlessly for 6 months with dozens of untrained, inexperienced users. Perfect! Cons: Expensive for just a 4 x 1 switch. Note I blocked access to the "mode change" buttons and removed the remote control from the area. That way no one can change anything. It just works as a manual selector.Other: Run it 24/7 and the unit stays cool. Buttons have nice detent.

Part Number: SW-30647
Well-built product works perfectly

Pros: Easy-to-use, intuitive, front-panel buttons. Well constructed. Truly seamless switching. Plug-n-play.Cons: It's a little pricey, but none of the less-expensive products truly do seamless switching (many claim to--but they don't).Other: We needed a truly seamless switcher that doesn't glitch. This one works perfectly.

Part Number: SW-30647
I was skeptical but it did everything it promised

Pros: I was skeptical because of the low price (if you don't know what seamless switching is this isn't the product for you - you can get a much cheaper 4x1 HDMI switch if you don't need instant switching or multiple video sources displayed on a single monitor at once). Just to put the current $500 CrossBow price in perspective the last time I used a seamless switch was the Gefen ext-hd-mvsl-441 which I believe costs $2k. The box itself doesn't look as good as Gefen's but it does exactly what it's supposed to do. Switching between multiple sources is instant and displaying multiple sources on a single screen at once is intuitive.Cons: No IP control (has RS-232, but should have IP) I wish you had more control over the screen layout when displaying multiple sources.Other: A solid unit, I would recommend it for anybody in the market for a reasonably priced seamless switch.

Part Number: SW-30647
Very good product

Pros: Easy to setup and use. The system works very well with no video or Audio lapCons: Does not let edit the screen size or do more than Quad, 3/1 or 1 screens. Could have side by side. No ability to edit the resolution of the screens individuallyOther: Overall, I would highly recommend this product. It works great, is easy to setup and is very useful.

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