HDMI Splitters, Switches, and Matrixes

Switch between multiple sources on a single display, mirror one source to multiple displays or go all out and use multiple sources on multiple displays. Various options at every price point to make sure the right video feed is available on the right display.
HD-Link HL21, HDMI Extender/Matrix, 390ft Sewell Kit SW-32962
from $79.95

HD-Link HL21, HDMI Extender/Matr...

Customizable Matrix A pre-configured matrix may not fit all the needs of your setup, but the HL21 has the versatility to become the most usefu...

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from $79.95
Sewell 1x16 HDMI Splitter, v1.3b, 3D, 1080p Sewell Direct

Sewell 1x16 HDMI Splitter, v1.3b...

This 1x16 HDMI Splitter allows you to take one HDMI source and split it between sixteen outputs simultaneously. Built-in amplification and equaliza...

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