Saffron LED Filament Bulb, Super Warm Color, 5W, ST64, 2200k

SKU SW-30558


The past meets the present in the Saffron LED Filament Bulbs.

LEDs are radically more efficient than other types of bulbs. They "burn" cooler, they're much more energy efficient, and they don't have all the toxic chemicals. Unfortunately, a lot of LED light bulbs also have a downside: they're usually kind of ugly. That's where Saffron comes in.

The Problem

Incandescent light bulbs have a variety of artistic and traditional designs, different color options, but they are notoriously inefficient.

CFL and LED bulbs are much more efficient, but they often lack the design and color options of incandescents.

The Solution

The Saffron LED Filament Bulbs combine the artistic design and beautiful mood enhancing atmosphere of vintage light bulbs with the modern energy saving benefits of LEDs.

The Saffron Filament bulbs pack all the benefits of LED illumination into a beautiful work of art. The all-glass enclosure eliminates the ugly heat sink and ensures the best possible unidirectional light output. The thin filament LEDs of the Saffron Filament bulbs, mimic incandescent bulbs better than any other LED light out right now.

Saffron Logo LED CFL Incandescent
Efficiency 6-8 watts 13-15 watts 60 watts
Lifespan (hours) 20-50,000 6-10,000 800-1600
Annual Cost* $0.92 (7 watt bulb) $1.84 (14 watt bulb) $7.88 (60 watt bulb)
Mercury Free Yes No Yes
Instant Turn-on Yes No Yes
Low Operating Temps Yes Somewhat No

Not only do Saffron Filament bulbs mimic the design and color of incandescents but, since they don't us DC current, they will easily work with any dimmer switch just like incandescent bulbs.

Finally, you can get all the benefits of LEDs, without sacrificing the warm and inviting atmosphere of vintage incandescent bulbs. This is a bulb Edison would be proud of.



Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-30558


  • Saffron by Sewell


  • All glass filament style bulb
  • Edison vintage styling
  • Vintage warm white color
  • Instant on
  • Cool touch
  • Low energy consumption
  • Omnidirectional lighting
  • Extended lifespan (up to 30,000 hours)
  • Mercury free


  • Color Temp: 2200K, vintage warm white
  • Size/Shape: ST64
  • Base: E27, screw type
  • Power usage: 5 watts, 110-130 volts
  • Lumens: 400, 40 watt incandescent equivalent
  • CRI: 85+

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