Spider Pro, 4K HDMI Matrix

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Easily route multiple display sources (like your Blu-Ray player, satellite receiver, or game system) to multiple displays using the Sewell Spider Pro HDMI Matrixes with RS232 and IP Control. These matrixes are a great solution for your home theater, but they also works well for HDTV retail and show sites, information distribution, space and security centers, data control centers, presentations, and school and corporate training environments.

The beauty of HDMI matrixes is that they can work either as a splitter or as a switch allowing you to send any combination of video sources to any combination of displays. IP control (along with RS-232 control as well) allows for easy control of the Matrix with an easy-to-use web interface.

Web Interface (optional)

IP control/RS-232 control is an option that allows you to control the switching and splitting from a distance on a computer, but it also includes a few advanced features that give you a lot more control over the exact specs of the video you send to each individual HDTV, and can even enable faster switching.

Web interface screenshot

EDID Management

If you are splitting a single source on two displays that support different resolutions, timing, color, etc., most splitters/matrixes will send the lowest-common setting to all connected HDTVs because they are designed to mirror the same content on all screens.

EDID management allows you to treat every display uniquely by manually selecting the specs that you know they can support. One of the advantages of manually inputing EDID info is to force certain resolutions, refresh rates, etc. if you know exactly what you want. The Spider Pro also has an EDID learning feature that makes it so you don't always need to input the EDID information manually for each display.

EDID Management screenshot

Remote Control (Supports Logitech Harmony Remotes)

The Matrix includes a remote control but to be honest the remote is only okay as one the reviews below below states, that's why we made sure it was compatible with Logitech Harmony Remotes which can turn you into an entertainment master with absolute full control of your devices.


4x4 Specifications

Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-32883


  • Deck™ by Sewell


    • HDMI (with 3D & 4K2K supported), HDCP and DVI compliant
    • Supports up to 7.1 channels of high-definition audio (LPCM, Dolby
    • TrueHD, Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD Master Audio)
    • Supports HDTV resolutions up to 4K2K (3840×2160@24 / 25 / 30Hz) &
    • 1080p @50 / 60Hz
    • Supports Internal / External EDID settings
    • Supports controls through

    Package Contents

    • 1×4 by 4 HDMI 4K UHD Matrix
    • 1×IR Extender
    • 1×Remote Control (CR-33)
    • 1×USB Type to Mini USB OTG Adapter
    • 1×5V/3.6A DC Power Adapter
    • 1×Power Cord
    • 1×Operation Manual


    • HDCP 1.4
    • Video Bandwidth 300MHz/9Gbps
    • Input Ports 4×HDMI, 1×IR (3.5mm),1×RS-232 (9-pin
    • D-sub ), 1×Control (RJ-45), 1×USB (Service
    • only)
    • Output Ports 4×HDMI
    • Video Resolutions 480i~1080p@24 / 50 / 60, 4K@24 / 25 / 30, & VGA~WUXGA
    • HDMI Cable Length 10m@8-bit, 10m@12-bit, 5m@4K2K
    • Power Supply 5V / 3.6A DC (US / EU standards, CE / FCC / UL
    • certified)
    • ESD Protection Human body model:
    • ±8kV (air-gap discharge)
    • ±4kV (contact discharge)
    • Dimensions 436mm(W) × 160mm(D) × 44mm(H)
    • Jack Excluded
    • 436mm(W) × 167mm(D) × 48mm(H)
    • Jack Included
    • Weight 1945g
    • Chassis Material Metal
    • Color Black
    • Operating Temperature 0°C~40°C / 32°F~104°F
    • Storage Temperature -20°C~60°C / -4°F~140°F
    • Relative Humidity 20~90% RH (non-condensing)
    • Power Consumption 12.87W

    System Requirements

    • HDMI source devices such as Blu-ray/DVD player, games consoles or
    • set-top boxes and HDMI equipped output display (HDTV/monitor) and
    • HDMI High Speed cables.

    4x2 Specifications

    Mfg. Part Number

    • SW-32882


    • Deck™ by Sewell


    • 4x2 True Matrix (4x2 HDMI Switch and 4x2 HDMI Splitter functionality)
    • Support HDTV resolutions up to 4Kx2K
    • Supports 7.1CH of LPCM, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD Master Audio
    • Supports Deep Color up to 1080p 36-bit
    • Supports Internal/External EDID
    • Supports IR, RS-232 and Web GUI controls

    Package Contents

    • 4x2 HDMI Matrix
    • Remote Control (CR-33)
    • Power Adaptor
    • Operational Manual


    • HDCP 1.4
    • Video Bandwidth: 340Mbps /10.2Gbps
    • Input Ports: 4 x Female HDMI type A,
    • 1 x RS-232, 1 x Control, 1 x Mini USB
    • (for service only)
    • Output ports 2 x Female HDMI type A
    • Operating Temperature Range:0°C ~ 40°C / 32 °F ~ 104 °F
    • Storage Temperature Range:
    • -20°C ~ 60°C / -4 °F ~ 140 °F
    • Power Supply: 5V/2.6A DC (US/EU standards, CE/FCC/UL
    • certified)
    • Power Consumption: 3w
    • Dimensions: 240 mm(W) x 104 mm(D) x 43 mm(H)/
    • Jacks Excluded
    • 240 mm(W) x 111.7 mm(D) x 48 mm(H)/
    • Jacks Included
    • Output Resolution: 480i ~1080p, VGA~WUXGA & 4Kx2K
    • @24/25/30
    • Weight: 768 g/ 1.68 lbs

    System Requirements

    • Input source equipment such as Blu-ray/DVD players with 3D/4kx2k
    • contents, output display HD TV/monitor with 3D/4kx2k functions and
    • HDMI high standard cables.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Part Number: SW-32882
    Very good - lacks instruction and GUI not as shown

    Pros: High quality products - does all it suppose to do and fast ! Lan control !Cons: Can not rename inputs/outputs as shown on the product page...... Can not set EDID manually as shown on the product page...... EDID Learning not explained. No smartphone app. LEDs too bright.Other:

    Part Number: SW-32883
    Spider pro

    Pros: Works great! Solved our edid issues immediately. Easy setup.Cons: None!Other:

    Part Number: SW-32883
    A Nice Solution to My Problem

    Pros: I withheld that 5th star because of my Con's. I like the unit and would recommend to others, but only if you are not afraid to tinker a bit with it. When it works it is good. I have a ChannelMaster DVR+, Roku Premiere +, Chromecast and a Sony BluRay player into the four inputs. My outputs are a Sony 4k XBR TV, a Samsung SyncMaster B2430 computer monitor, and a Samsung P2770HD TV Monitor. The TV monitor is using a WolfPack HDMI to Coax transmitter/receiver pair over about 60 feet of RG-6 I plan on connecting another Sony XBR 1080p TV to the fourth output. I have not decided how to do it, coax again, Cat5e, or direct HDMI. That run is also about 60 feet. The unit is well made and a nice size. There is nothing cheap about the construction. The screw lock on the power input connector is a great idea and saved me a few times, during setting up my system, from pulling the connector out. It makes cord-cutting and dealing with multiple sources to multiple outputs, a lot easier to manage. I have only had it a week or so and still figuring things out on my system and having fun. Cons: The unit is very expensive for the average homeowner. The LED's are too bright, especially the blue one. IP address does not show up in Netgear Gear Genie list. The remote is rather "rinky-dink" for the price of the unit. Not the easiest device to work with either and the instruction on how to setup and use are poor at best. My biggest problem is the occasional loss of sync wi

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