Ghost Wire Flat Coaxial RG6 Jumper cable is an ideal solution for anyone interested in avoiding drilling or cutting holes in walls when installing cable. It is perfect for people who are renting or just looking for easy cable installation. The Ghost cable is super thin and moldable. It can be bent and folded to fit through small openings like windows or doors frames.

This cable is primarily used when running coaxial cable (usually for cable TV) from an outdoor cable box into a home, apartment, or RV. This cable run usually requires drilling a hole from outside into your home, running the cable through the hole, then terminating the cable. This process can be time-consuming and difficult and if you are renting it might not even be an option. Plus who really wants to drill a hole in their house.

The solution is the Ghost Wire Flat RG6 Jumper Cable. The Ghost cable is essentially a bridge from the outdoors into the home that does not require complicated and messy installation. The cable can be run through a window or door frame without drilling any holes or terminating any cable. The cable is super thin and moldable letting you perfectly match the available space between doors and windows. This newest version also comes with a water-resistant rubber sleeve on one end that can be used when one of your connections is outside, protecting it from mother nature.

At only 0.25mm thin, the Ghost RG6 cable is the thinnest coaxial cable in the world. Unlike other flat cables, the Ghost Wire comes with adhesive strips that stick the F type cable heads in position so that it does not move or break when opening doors and windows during normal use. The cable is so thin that once in place it can be painted over making it practically invisible.

With its shielded bare copper conductor and its precisely terminated female F connectors, you will get the highest quality signal transmission available.


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-30513


  • Ghost Wire™ by Sewell


  • Cable Type: RG6 Coaxial
  • Connector Type: F
  • Cable Length: 27cm
  • Cable Thickness:0.25mm
  • Cable width: 12mm
  • Waterproof Sheath: Yes

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Fits & works perfect

I live in an apartment and use it through the sliding door and screen balcony door. Door & screen door close with no air leaks. Perfect!

Ghost wire

Prompt shipping. Works well.


Ghost Wire RG6 Coax Jumper Cable Flat RG6 Coax Extension Cable, .25mm, 1ft.

Part Number: SW-30513
Works Great!

Pros: Works as described Cons: NoneOther: Needed to run Coax outside to a LEAF antenna - this went through a window opening (Closed it on this cable) and the signal works fine - without drilling a hole through the outside wall!

Part Number: SW-30513
Great even in a patio doorway

Pros: The wire is very flexible. I can close my patio door on it just fine. I have no option for a window. It is the type of door that swings, not a sliding door. Screws are included if you want to mount it permanently.Cons: It is a little short for my particular doorframe.Other:

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