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Silverback Flex Pin Connectors, For Spring-Loaded Inputs

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Customer Reviews

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Terry Gurganus

One of the pieces was missing a screw to tighten on the wire

We're sorry you received a plug with a missing screw! If you let us know your shipping address and which color banana plug you need, we'll send out a replacement plug .

Joseph Grier
Best Custom Connectors

I have a vintage system with a pair of Yamaha NS10 speakers hooked up to McIntosh MC275 amp. Both use spring/screw type connectors, so short of bare wire, flexible banana style plugs are required. The Monter Cable versions that I had been using weren’t so well designed, and did come loose over time. This Sewell version are a nice functional upgrade - interestingly designed and use a screw type connection, for more secure fit. Highly recommended.

Lee Wadzeck

Silverback Flex Pin Connectors, For Spring-Loaded Inputs

Michael Perkins
Silverback flex pin

They work pretty well but a little difficult to insert into vintage speaker ports.

William Godsey
Great Company!

The product was incompatible with my system & I was going to shelve it with other electronic stuff. When the company read my review & discovered my issue; they cheerfully offered to fully refund me. The most risk free trial of a product ever! Thanks, Sewell!

We apologize that the Flex Pin Connectors are incompatible with your system. Please reach out to our customer service at and we can get a return going.

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