One Foot HDMI 2.0 Port Saver, 3 Pack

SKU SW-33068

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These one foot long HDMI 2.0 male to female HDMI cables are great for extending to hard to reach HDMI ports so you don't have to move your TV or fumble blindly behind the back to find your HDMI ports.  They support full HDMI 2.0 specs at 4k@60Hz.


Technical Specifications

  • Increased bandwidth to 18 Gbps
  • Resolutions of up to 4k 60Hz (up to 60 fps)
  • Up to 32 audio channels
  • Up to 1536 kHz audio sample frequency
  • Simultaneous delivery of dual video streams to multiple users on the same screen
  • Simultaneous delivery of multi-stream audio to up to 4 users
  • Support for wide angle 21:9 theatrical aspect ratio
  • Dynamic synchronization of video and audio streams
  • Updated CEC extensions for more expanded command and control of consumer electronics devices through a single control point
  • Support for all color space formats including 4:2:0 and 4:4:4 chroma at 4K 60Hz
  • Support for 25 fps 3D formats
  • Backwards compatible with high speed (category 2) HDMI cables
  • HDCP 2.2 Compliant
  • 28awg 7.3mm conductors
  • CL3 Rated

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