SolidRun Cat5e Bulk Cable, 24 AWG, UTP, 1,000ft, Pull Box

SKU SW-23480

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All the Advantages of Copper for Less

Meets Cat6 spec of 250mhz while maintaining a much more affordable price tag than pure copper. CCA is made by bonding a layer of pure copper onto an aluminum core. CCA delivers virtually the same conductivity as Pure copper with only slightly higher resistance due to the "Skin Effect"

Easy Pull and no Tangles

With help from our customer's feedback, we've managed to perfect the pull-box so that you can grab one end and sprint to the end of your cable run without snags or tangles. We've also beefed up the jacket from past models to ensure its integrity no matter what your install style is.

At a glance:
1000 ft.(marked every foot)
High Copper Content CCA
24 AWG Solid Conductor
PVC Jacket


How to choose network Cable 

How to terminate CAT Cable


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-23480 Black
  • SW-6583 Light Grey 
  • SW-23014 Dark Grey 
  • SW-9414 White 
  • SW-21968 Red 
  • SW-22343 Orange 
  • SW-21969 Yellow
  • SW-22345 Green
  • SW-9413 Blue 
  • SW-22347 Purple 


  • SolidRun™ by Sewell


  • 1000 ft (302m) of unshielded UTP Cat-5e CCA cable
  • Spool box provides easy deployment
  • Connector free for full customization
  • Can be wired for patch or crossover
  • BASE1000-T compliant
  • Solid Wire for easy punch down and termination
  • Black Color
  • 24 AWG

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Part Number: SW-21969
Cat 6 solid Run

Pros: great product, used it one year ago to run some wires for my office, had no issue with it, runs very smooth no wire tangling or twisting. This year I'm building a house and just used 14000 ft of Solid Run, I ran all wires myself had zero issue with it, the shell is very strong no wire stripping, I was able to pull 6-8 wires from each box all at the same time for almost 120 ft with no issue. I'm just a consumer for this product, and I really like it an highly recommend it to others customers, my recommendation is not to waste your time with other cheap products. Cons: $ 77-85 per box Other: wish there is discount for purchasing multiple boxes for example I purchased 14 boxes, I should have received some discount

Part Number: SW-6583
Good product, right price.

Pros: Good quality, good price.Cons: noneOther:

Part Number: SW-22343

Pros: Great price quick delivery.Cons: NONEOther:

Part Number: SW-9414
Works great

Pros: Clearly marked. No strange residue on covering like some cables.Cons: Other:

Part Number: SW-21968
Cat 5e cca

Pros: Cheaper than solid copper cat 5eCons: Doesn't seem to work as well after 6 monthsOther: I ran 1000 feet of Sewell cat 5e cable in my house. It worked well for about 6 months then I started having issues with gigabit ethernet speeds. My computer would automatically drop down to 100 Mb/s or drop the network connection entirely. Finally I re-punched the cable into the keystone and it worked again... For about 6 months. Every couple of months the connection seemed to degrade. I finally replaced it with solid copper cat 5e (which I luckily could do easily with an unfinished basement). No problems since then (been over a year). If you can't easily replace this wire later, I'd recommend you just pay a little more and get solid copper. I've never had a problem with that but I can't say the same for the CCA (copper clad aluminum) that Sewell sells. Don't fall for their marketing hype. It just doesn't last and isn't worth the hassle of saving 40 bucks a box.

Sorry for the problems you had. Generally the connections don't degrade like that unless it is a very corrosive environment, which it doesn't sound like you have. Thanks for sharing your feedback. I'll make sure to pass that along to see if there is anything we can do to improve the cable.

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