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Light-Link Fiber Optic 4K HDMI 2.0 Cable

SKU SW-32932-40
Original price $99.95 - Original price $279.95
Original price $99.95
$99.95 - $279.95
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Length: 40 ft.

Customer Reviews

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William Elrod
Church install

Order was on time, the new Fiber HDMI is the way to go. Better quality of picture and smaller cable to fit the box

John Marquiss
4 out of 5 worked

I have purchased 5 of these although the first does not show under my account. The 4 100ft have worked great even at 4k. I always had trouble with the 150ft link although it took a long time for me to be sure what the issue was. I finally isolated it by buying the 4th 100ft and replacing the 150ft link. That totally solved all my issues. It was out of warranty at that point and Sewell declined to repair it at my expense. The moral of the story is make sure yours works before it is out of warranty. There are other reviewers that also are report receiving defective units so make sure yours works.

Rick Allen
Home Theater

Installed 150' Light-Link Fiber Optic 4K HDMI 2.0 cable in a home theater set-up.
Cable was carefully pulled through two attics and through a long conduit across a breezeway. Video signal is perfect, much better than expected. Thanks for your great product.

Mark Scheyder
Great product

Best solution for extended distance monitors yet. Was planning on using ethernet but this is 100 times better.

Gregory Gray
50' Light-Link Fiber Optic 4K HDMI 2.0 Cable Review

I've been putting together a home theater room and finally had the TV and the projector installed by Geek Squad, It took me several months to purchase everything I needed, having the installers was the last project and I was excited to finally put it to use. When we turned on the signal and everything worked except for the projector it was a big let down. We tested all the components and cable signals and the failure was the Sewell Light-Link Fiber Optic 4K HDMI Cable. This cable was installed on the output of Monitor 2 from my Onkyo TX-RZ840 to the Epson 5050Ub Projector. They tested every way possible and it didn't work, We even lowered the signal to 720p and still didn't work. I hope to resolve this issue with Sewell; which I purchased it directly through them. Hopefully the cable is just one bad one that slipped through and hopefully their customer support staff takes care of me when I reach out to them after the Thanksgiving holiday. I will report back when as soon as this is fixed or if I run into issues with the exchange. I sure hope it all goes smooth!

Hello Gregory!

We're sorry that your cable did not work out! Our tech support staff should be able to help you with this issue!

We look forward to speaking with you!

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