Hide your Speaker Wire in Plain Sight.

The biggest problem in setting up a home theater is figuring where to run the wires. When tearing up your wall is not an option you are often left with messy wiring around the edge of the room. Ghost Wire gives you flat wire runs on your floor, walls, or ceiling, giving your installation a clean look without drilling any holes.


  • White, Paintable Backing Blends in to Wall
  • Adhesive Backing Keeps Ghost Wire Firmly in Place
  • Easy Connections with Included Terminal Blocks

Ghost Wire Termination

  1. Peel back and trim adhesive backing to expose about 1" of the adhesive bottom side of the Ghost Wire
  2. Cut around exposed conductors and remove backing.
  3. Separate White Backing from the topside of the conductors in order to expose a clean copper surface. Place removed White backing on the bottom side- the adhesive side- of the conductor.
  4. Clean off any remaining adhesive on the top side of the conductor using rubbing alcohol or another solvent.
  5. Trim off tips of conductors so that you have a nice clean conductor tip.
  6. Slide conductors into clips on the terminal block then snap terminal block shut.


  1. Clean surface VERY WELL with soap and water when possible.
  2. Terminate Ghost Wire as shown above. Allow a little bit extra length in case of problems.
  3. Test terminated Ghost Wire with speakers to ensure that there are no problems.
  4. Starting from one end, expose adhesive and apply Ghost Wire, pressing firmly along center and edges of Ghost Wire as you go.
  5. Connect your speakers and enjoy your new setup.

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Exactly What I Wanted

Been looking for flat wire in a small gauge and narrow width. Sewell Direct is the only company I could find with exactly what I wanted. They shipped quickly.

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