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U-Link UL10, USB 2.0 (480 Mbps) over Cat5e/6, 200ft. Extender Sewell

U-Link UL10, USB 2.0 (480 Mbps) ...

Get More Distance USB 2.0 normally only extends up to 15 feet reliably. The U-Link allows you to extend four USB 2.0 devices up to 200 ft.Many USB ...

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USB Power Switch Sewell

USB Power Switch

The USB Power Switch is an easy add-on to give any USB device an on/off switch. Here are some uses: Our light frames on/off a Raspberry Pi Deciding...

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Kvaser OBD II extension cable, With Male to Female OBD II Connectors Kvaser 2.5 Meter SW-29895-2
from $94.95

Kvaser OBD II extension cable, W...

Kvaser's OBD II Extension Cables are extension cables with male to female OBD II connectors. The cables are made of durable thermoplastic rubber. A...

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from $94.95

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