RG6 + Power Siamese Cable

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Make your installation easier with Sewell’s RG6 Siamese cable. This RG6 + Power siamese cable features 18 AWG power conductors and comes on an easy-pull spool. The power conductors make this siamese cable perfect for CCTV installations.

Pure Copper Conductor

The signal transmitted through any cable will become weaker over long distances. This is because of attenuation. There are some things you can do to reduce attenuation and get a better signal. Sewell’s RG6+Power Bulk Cable has a pure copper conductor and dual shielding, including a 95% braid. That means you will get the best signal quality available, even over long distances.

Siamese Cable

Having power and data cables run together cuts your installation time in half by requiring you to run only one cable. The term “Siamese cable” refers to a type of cable that combines video and power into one package. That means that in addition to the RG6 video cable, there are also separately insulated power cables included in the cable. That allows you to provide the proper power to your equipment without interfering with the video signal.

Unterminated Cable

Using unterminated cable lets you decide how much you need for each application. You can also decide which kind of connector is best for you. You can use F-type, BNC or RCA connectors. Terminating the cable is easy with our BNC or Coax connectors, available in both crimp and compression styles. All you need to do is properly strip the cable, plug it into the terminator, and lock it in place with the appropriate crimping tool.

Direct Burial Variant

The Direct Burial Variant comes with a PE (polyethylene) jacket instead of the standard PVC jacket used in most coax cables. The PE jacket makes this cable extremely resistant to cold weather, moisture, chemicals, abrasion, cutting, and even lightning. It also has a special gel-like substance in the jacket that blocks water and moisture corroding your conductor and damaging your signal. If you bury your coax cable without this added protection you risk moisture and contaminants entering the cable and corrode your shielding and conductor.

Outdoor cable runs have two obstacles to overcome: distance and the elements. Sewell’s Outdoor Direct Burial RG6 cable has been specially designed with added protection from the elements and electromagnetic interference to overcome these obstacles and give you the best possible signal.

Customer Reviews

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Part Number: SW-30175
RG6 + Power Siamese Cable

Pros: Good price, fast serviceCons: Reel a little lose after shipping but not broken Other:

Part Number: SW-30173
Sewell Bulk RG6 Siamese Cable

Pros: Pricing was excellent and would certainly order again. This was a huge time saver in a cam job. Video quality was fantastic on long runs (100' or so). If the plastic spools would not have came in damaged, I would have given them a 5 star!! Recommend!!Cons: Both plastic spools (reels) came in damaged and I had to bind the ends together in order to place on a wire rack. The 2 conductor sheathing is a little thin so when peeling away from the coax sheathing for any length, just take your time....nevertheless, I would still purchase again.Other: Great that someone still has affordable and fair priced products. Will certainly recommend this company.

Part Number: SW-30173
Works great

Pros: Performed as described Cons: Other:

Part Number: SW-30175
Disaster. Don't Buy

Pros: Very durable plastic jacket. I liked that very much.Cons: The power wires are thin, 20 gauge I would guess and are ALUMINUM wires. Copper Clad Aluminum to be exact. Very brittle and flimsy. Plastic jacket on the wires is very tough. You cannot strip these aluminum wires without breaking most or all of the tiny braided little aluminum hairs of wires completely off. I had to use a cigarette lighter to melt the insulation and then smear it off with a pair of needle nose. After twisting the aluminum wires with the copper wires of the pigtail you have to be very careful bending or working with the wire or the aluminum will break right off and you start over. Ate up about 5 hours of extra time today messing with this crap. Had 700 feet pulled to 5 cameras before starting on the connectors and finding all this out. Hard to believe anybody would be trying to sell this crap with a strait face. The one star rating I gave it was one star too many.Other: With all due fairness to Sewell, the specs do mention CCA. Now you know what the significance of that is. Buy something else. Adding the cost of just 1 hour of wasted labor I could have purchased the most expensive cable on the market and been done.

I'm terribly sorry to hear about the trouble that you've had with that cable. I'll pass that along to our product guys and we may be able to get that changed to a different metallurgical composition. In the meantime I'd be happy to set you up for an RMA or a replacement.
Part Number: SW-30175
great fast srevice

Pros: Great fast service. This is the third order from Sewell, been great every time.Cons: Other:

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