Sewell PureRun Bulk Cat5e, Solid Copper, 1000' STP (Foil and Braided) UV Protect (CMX) 24 AWG, Black

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Need extremely high-quality shielding over a pure copper conductor? You've come to the right place. Use this Sewell Outdoor Cat5e Cable (CMX) for long-lasting quality in the rain or shine.

Metal Foil AND Braided Shielding

This PE cable jacket is specifically treated to resist ultraviolet rays (CMX). Where most shielded STP Cat5e will feature either foil or braided shielding, our pure copper SFTP Cat5e cable features both aluminum foil and braided shielding to drastically reduce EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and optimize the signal strength of your network. In the image, if you click to enlarge it, you'll also see a thin cellophane wrapper that is common in STP cable to preserve the consistency and shape of the twisted pairs and its shielding.

Pure Copper

PureRun Cat5e cable is made with Pure Copper for the cleanest connection and most reliable quality. SolidRun cable is rated to the highest specs for Cat5e passing fluke tests at 350MHz (compared to 100Mhz for common CCA cables). Pure Copper better combats interference, packet loss, and other things that might slow down a network.

We've also worked hard on making the pull box as easy to work with as possible. Rest assured that you can hold one end and sprint the length of your cable run without debilitating snags or tangles.


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Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-29458


  • PureRun™ by Sewell


  • Foil and Braid Shielding (SFTP)
  • Bare (aka Pure) Copper Conductors
  • CMX PE Jacket
  • 1000 ft. length in an easy pull box
  • Black Color
  • Foot marked at every foot

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Could be better

The boxes suck, and need improvement. The cable itself was not our preferred product but a secondary offering from sewell. Also, your sales rep told us to go buy from someone else haha, probably need to have a meeting about that. Really, you guys make good cable though.

Part Number: SW-29458
Can't beat it..

Pros: Great cable double the insulation, i almost no interference. It's malleable. Good quality copper almost no loss. Cons: Kind of a pain to cut and and strip but compared to others i think its better the woven metal does get all over the place.Other: Overall i think it's beet on the markey for cat5e shielded

Part Number: SW-29458
Great cable - great price

Pros: This cable was perfect for running a line in an area where emi has been an issue. Double shielding was great and the outdoor sheath helps in the areas where the cable is exposed and we want to ensure durability and longevityCons: NoneOther:

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