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Achieve "Cool Parent" Status by letting your kids watch more movies with the Clearplay filtering DVD player; it filters out objectionable material according to your customized settings.

Clearplay Filter Options

New Improvements

This new Clearplay player called the "UpConvert" features HDMI output with upscaling DVDs at full 1080p at 60 Hz resolution. Aside from the new full high definition capabilities, it still features both composite (Yellow RCA Video) and component (High Definition RGB RCA) outputs with both digital (coax RCA out) and analog audio (Dual RCA) output options.

How Does Clearplay Work?

You don't need to rent or buy special DVDs to make this work, it will work with the DVDs you already own, and normal ones you rent. You simply use the included USB stick made especially by clearplay. A membership is required, and once you're a member you can download each filter for each movie you want to watch onto the Clearplay USB stick. You simply plug this stick in when you're ready to watch that movie.

Clearplay FilterStik

Customized Filtering Settings

Clearplay puts the control in your hands, letting you choose whether you want violence, sexual content, nudity, or vulgarity toned down, and to what extent, allowing you to choose between four levels of filtration from each of those categories. The same level of filtering isn't right for everyone and Clearplay allows you to choose. Clearplay Filter Options

Which Movie Filters Are Available and When Do New Filters Come Out?

Clearplay offers filters for all types of movies of all genres, even special interest DVDs, Sports DVDs, documentaries, and more.

New movie filters are released every week.

What are the edits like and is this legal?

Clearplay is legal because it doesn't actually edit the content on the DVD, unlike those individuals that alter content for resale/rent.

The edits are typically subtle and don't obstruct your understanding of the plot. For instance, for vulgarity, the Clearplay will simply disable the sound for a brief second for the duration of the vulgarity, but will not skip scenes or subplots to achieve this. To handle visual material that is objectionable according to your own custom settings, it will utilize minimal skips.


Mfg. Part Number



  • Clearplay


  • Output:
  • HDMI x 1
  • Composite (Yellow RCA) x 1
  • Component (RGB RCA) x 1
  • RCA Coax Digital Audio Out x 1
  • Dual RCA Stereo Analog Audio Out x 1

Max Resolution

  • 1080p


  • Clearplay HDMI UpConvert DVD Player
  • FilterStik USB Dongle
  • Membership Not Included


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Does the new Clearplay UpConvert HDMI DVD Player come with a subscription or do we have to buy one. Can I get a package deal?


A 30 day membership trial is included with the player. You can then contact Clearplay for further membership options. They are not offering a bundled one year subscription as they did with previous players.

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