CompactFlash (CF) to PCMCIA Card Converter

Sewell Part # SW-4035


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This adapter revolutionizes the CompactFlash (CF) card reader in your PDA or personal computer allowing it to read PC Cards (PCMCIA).

The flexible durable rubber interface converts any CF type I/type II slot into a PC Card slot. Installation is instantaneous with no driver to worry about and it is self-powered. Be sure to read the warnings listed under specifications before purchasing.

Just need an SD card slot? Check out the USB 2.0 Mini Card Reader/Writer; it's about the size of a lighter.


Mfg. Part Number

  • PA-CF/PC


  • Generic


  • Wireless LAN cards
  • Memory Card Adapters
  • PC Card hard drives
  • ATA Flash PC Cards
  • Modem cards
  • LAN Cards
  • GPS Receiver Cards
  • GSM/GPRS Cards
  • Communications Cards


  • Works with 16 bit PCMCIA cards only
  • Operating voltage: Typical Pocket PC CompactFlash provides 3.3V.
  • The user should confirm that the PC Card operating voltage is compatible with the Pocket PC.
  • Power consumption: Typical Pocket PC CompactFlash slots supply up to 500mA of current.
  • However, some PC cards may require as much as 700-1000mA.
  • The user should verify if the driver support is provided by the PCMCIA card vendor to use with the hose OS.
  • Address lines: PC cards have 26 address lines while CompactFlash has only 11.
  • Most of the latest PC cards do not access the extra lines, but the user should verify this before purchasing.


  • 6.5 x 4.4 x .3 cm


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I have an SD Card slot on my TV. My camera uses CF Card. Is there an adapter I can use that I can plug the CF card into and then plug the adapter into the tv's SD Card slot.


Yes, you can use the SW-6605.

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I have a Toshiba laptop that I recently bought. I need an adapter so that I can use my pmcia wireless card on my laptop comptuer. Will this work?


chances are your new laptop has an expresscard port, and you need our expresscard to pcmcia adapter

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