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ViDock 4

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ViDock 4 (SW-29103) SW-29103
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Sewell Direct reviews:
They were the only business that had exactly what I wanted at a reasonable price. It shipped immediately and works well.
Sewell Part #:  SW-29103   Mfg Part #:  ViDock4
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ViDock 4
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ViDock 4
SW-29103 - $229.99

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ViDock 4
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Looking for a less expensive alternative? The Sewell Minideck now supports DirectX so it can also be used for gaming!

The new ViDock 4 is here. The ViDock 4 is an ExpressCard to PCI-Express adapter. It allows you to connect a desktop gaming level video card to your laptop through your ExpressCard slot.

You will simply need to install a PCI-Express x16 card into the ViDock 4 enclosure. The adapter will then connect to the ExpressCard slot on your laptop making the video card perform as the computer's built in display adapter.

ViDock Model Comparison:

ViDock Comparison ViDock 3 ViDock 4
Length 10 inches 13 inches
PCI-E Power Plugs None One
Power Adapter 72W Power Output 150W Power Output
Supported Card Format PCI-Express x16 PCI-Express x16
Price $249.95* $295.95*

*Prices quoted are as listed on 8/9/2010 and may change without notice.

What does this accomplish for me?

The ViDock 4 will give your laptop a much needed boost in graphics processing power. Whether you are using it to play games, run CAD or animation software you will get a giant boost in performance over the performance from your laptop's built in display adapter.

Many of us have cringed as we realize that our poor laptop doesn't meet the graphics card requirements of a new game coming out. Having a seperate desktop computer just to play games can be expensive and a pain. Now, you don't need to purchase an entire second computer. Keep everything installed on your laptop and just hook into the power of your ViDock when you need that extra speed.

Why is this necessary?

Due to restrictions on power, space, and heat, laptops do not generally come with really high performance video cards. Some laptops will include mobile versions of the more powerful desktop counterparts, but they don't have quite the same performance you can enjoy on a desktop computer.

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