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GrandTec USB to HDMI Video Converter

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Grandtec USB to HDMI (SW-20189) SW-20189
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Sewell Direct reviews:
Very fast shipping. Good job!
Sewell Part #:  SW-20189   Mfg Part #:  GHD-2000
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GrandTec USB to HDMI Video Converter
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GrandTec USB to HDMI Video Converter
SW-20189 - $58.31

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GrandTec USB to HDMI Video Converter
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This unit handles both audio and video through USB. In order to get audio working you will need to install a driver which is included with the package (installation instructions are also included).

Grandtec's USB to HDMI: first in the world

The world's first true USB to HDMI, the Grand HD Cinema sends video and audio information through one single USB port giving you true convenience and beautiful 720p high definition video, bridging the gap between your PC and TV.

Built on Display Link Technology

The secret lies within the Display Link Chip which does not put the burden of high bandwidth video on your USB cable, but rather coordinates video output with your computer's processor, making the impossible possible: High Bandwidth video from an inexpensive USB based external video solution. This similar solution is also what makes our USB to DVI External Video Card such an easy and popular way to add a monitor.

Integrated Audio

As an added convenience there is no need to route your computer's audio to your entertainment system's audio port, or to this unit. This unit handles the audio and video soley through the USB port, making your set-up a lot cleaner and easier.

Up to 6 Screens at a Time

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to set up an video wall (with either extended desktop or mirroring) for 720p high definition TVs, look no further. The USB to HDMI and included software allows 6 simultaneous screens and allows you to arrange them in any way you want.