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USB 3.0 Front Panel Kit

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USB 3.0 Front Panel Kit (SW-29166) SW-29166
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The entire process was perfect - good price, good quality, good service, quick delivery.
Sewell Part #:  SW-29166   Mfg Part #:  SW-29166
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USB 3.0 Front Panel Kit
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USB 3.0 Front Panel Kit
SW-29166 - $34.79

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USB 3.0 Front Panel Kit
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Quickly add a couple high-speed USB 3.0 ports on the front of your computer for easy use with this USB 3.0 Front Panel Kit.

For the installation of this card, it will connect via a PCI express connection from your motherboard, creating 2 internal USB 3.0 connections.

Installing PCI Express cards is easy, simply unscrew and remove your computer's main body case cover. On your PC's motherboard near the rear of the computer you'll see some slots. Then you just plug it in there and take a screw driver to secure it to the back.

Then from that those connections they are extended internally with the inluded USB 3.0 cables, to the front of the computer where it will plug into the included front panel dock. Also it will take one standard molex connection to power the unit. (Molex connector cable not included)

USB 3.0 - No More Bottleneck

USB 3.0 features "superspeed" mode, allowing up to 5 Gbit/s transfer rates. This is ten times faster than the previous maximum speed of USB 2.0 (480 mbps). This means you can take full advantage of the full transfer speeds of the interface your hard drive uses -- 3 Gb/s for SATA and much less for IDE -- so USB is no longer the bottleneck. This means that with USB 3.0, it is essentially like having the hard drive installed inside your computer hooked directly to the motherboard.

For more information check out our article about USB 3.0 .

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