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Super Trackstick, GPS Tracker

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Super Trackstick, GPS Tracker (SW-9129) SW-9129
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Sewell Part #:  SW-9129   Mfg Part #:  SuperTrackstick
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Super Trackstick, GPS Tracker
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Super Trackstick, GPS Tracker
SW-9129 - $169.50

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Super Trackstick, GPS Tracker
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What the Super Trackstick Does

The Super Trackstick will record exact routes, stop times, speed, direction, and other valuable information, and can display it using Google Maps, Google Earth, MSN Live, and other applications.

Also see the Trackstick Pro, a more permanent solution which is powered by the cigarette lighter or is hard wired.

super trackstick with google earth

Using a red line to show where it's been, the trackstick integrates perfectly with the latest mapping technologies from Google. Once data is logged, it is easy to quickly download that data.

The Super Trackstick is the preferred choice for government agencies, police, intelligence, private investigators, security personal, home security, etc. because it comes with a weatherproof case and a magnetic mount and it can be placed covertly on a vehicle. All Tracksticks work anywhere on the planet.

Powering Up

The Super Trackstick takes two AAA batteries and will last 2-3 weeks with Alkaline batteries, 4-6 weeks with NiMh batteries, and 6-8 weeks with lithium (times estimated using the Power Save feature). A vibration detection feature helps to save energy by powering on the Trackstick when it detects the car powering up.

The Trackstick Pro does not require batteries. If you are looking for a more permanent installation of the Trackstick, try this one.

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