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Sewell 16 AWG Pure Copper Oxygen Free Speaker Wire (50 Ft.) 2 Conductor

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16 AWG Pure Copper Oxygen Free Speaker Wire (50 Ft.) 16/2 (SW-23144) SW-23144
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Sewell Part #:  SW-23144   Mfg Part #:  RSA16-2-W-50
Sewell 16 AWG Pure Copper Oxygen Free Speaker Wire (50 Ft.)  2 Conductor
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Sewell 16 AWG Pure Copper Oxygen Free Speaker Wire (50 Ft.) 2 Conductor
SW-23144 - $12.95

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Sewell 16 AWG Pure Copper Oxygen Free Speaker Wire (50 Ft.)  2 Conductor
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Speaker Wire Diagram
At a glance:
Speaker Wire
50 ft.
Pure Copper
16 AWG 2 Conductor
PVC Jacket

Cable quality can have a huge impact on your speaker setup. Poor quality cable means poor quality sound. This 16 AWG unterminated speaker wire features oxygen-free pure copper conductors, which means you get great sound quality for a great price.


When deciding what kind of cable to use for your speaker setup, one of the first things to consider is the cable’s AWG. The American Wire Gauge (AWG) refers to the thickness of the copper wire in the cable. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the wire. Most speaker wire ranges from 12 AWG to 16 AWG. It’s important to use the correct gauge for your speaker setup. For most average speakers, 16 AWG wire will work well for you in lengths of less than 50 feet. But to ensure the best quality sound, it's better to get a thicker cable.

Pure Copper

Gauge isn’t the only thing to consider when you buy speaker cable. Mixing different alloys in with the copper makes it cheaper, but they can also affect how conductive the wire is. Less conductive wire means poor sound quality. Adding in different alloys can also lead to cable breaks when going around tight corners. At Sewell Direct we want you to have great sound, so our 16 gauge cable is 99.99% pure copper.

What’s So Great about Oxygen-Free Cable?

When dealing with copper, oxygen is bad news. Poor quality wire sometimes has microscopic pockets of oxygen trapped in the copper. Over time, these pockets can become larger and cause oxidation, which can make the copper less conductive, and may even destroy the cable.

Since our 16 gauge cable is oxygen free, you never have to worry about that. In fact, we guarantee this cable for the life of your installation.

Marked For Easy Installation

Ideally, the cables running to paired speakers should be the same length. We’ve made that process easy for you by marking our cable at every foot, so it’s easy to measure and cut at the length you need.

Want to make your installation even easier? Check out our banana plugs for the strongest, most convenient wire connections.

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