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Eco-Friendly HDMI to DVI cable, 25 ft. Questions - 50628-25-gold

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This item has been discontinued. We recommend the following product as a suitable alternative: Sewell DVI to HDMI Cable 25 Ft (SW-30247-25)
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Eco-Friendly HDMI cable, 25 ft. (SW-6897) SW-6897
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Sewell Part #:  SW-6897   Mfg Part #:  50628-25-gold
Discontinued What does Discontinued mean?
Eco-Friendly HDMI to DVI cable, 25 ft.
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Eco-Friendly HDMI to DVI cable, 25 ft.
SW-6897 - $49.95

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Eco-Friendly HDMI to DVI cable, 25 ft.
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Recently Asked Questions (scroll down to ask a question)

  • Hi Guys, I have two questions First one is related to my video: I have a DVI-I (Dual link) Female connector on my laptop and a Female HDMI connector on my TV, I already have a HDMI-to-HDMI cable (for my DVD player), Am I right while looking for a Male DVI-I (Dual link)-to-Female HDMI connector? Also please tell me a place from where I can get a deal on this connector. (part number, website etc) For my Audio 2. What type of cable I need for my Audio I have stereo out on my laptop (female) the kind of connector that is used from the old days (walkman style), and on my TV I have audio in (those red, yellow and white cables) I guess they are called RCA not sure though, Also please tell me a place from where I can get a deal on this connector. (part number, website etc) I am in Toronto Canada, and prefer buying anything over the internet Thanks
    • Question 1- The product you are looking for can be found here. Don't be concerned with the mention of DVI-D as opposed to your DVI-I. DVI-D is a subset of DVI-I and contains all the information needed to convert to HDMI. Also note that there is no such thing as a dual link DVI/HDMI adapter because HDMI does not support the resolutions dual link DVI was designed to support. The adapter listed above will still work, but you won't be able to pass through the resolutions dual link DVI supports.
      Question 2-you are looking for a 3.5mm male to rca male audio cable. Simply using our search tool and keywords such as '3.5mm rca' will reveal many of these.
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  • Hi, I have a 17" Mac Book Pro that I want to connect to my hd tv. Do I use it the DVI port from my Mac to the hdmi port on my TV? With my mac I recieved a DVI to VGA adapter. Would I need to use that? And what is the rs-232 connection on my tv? Thanks Sam
    • Yes, you would just need to connect the DVI end to your MacBook and run the HDMI directly to the TV. You will not need to use the VGA adapter or the RS232 port on the TV (which is probably for firmware updates or manufactuer servicing)
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This product has been discontinued. Questions are still accepted, but we don't stock this product anymore.
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