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USB Dongles & Peripherals

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SW-29545, SoundBox, 7.1 channel USB Sound Card
SW-29545 - $24.95
SoundBox, 7.1 channel USB Sound Card -
Average Rating - 4.8:
Sewell.ECommerce.DataTransfer.AverageProductRating stars
12 ratings

Turn any computer into a 7.1 Capable Home-Theater-PC with this 7.1 channel external sound card. Connect the external sound card to any computer via USB to unleash the full audio power...

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SW-30224, U-Link USB 2.0 over Single Cat5 Extender
SW-30224 - $149.95
U-Link USB 2.0 over Single Cat5 Extender -

Get more out of your USB devices with the U-Link USB 2.0 over Cat5 extender. USB specifications limit the maximum distance of USB cable to only 15 feet. That severely limits the placement...

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SW-22171 - $13.95
56K USB Modem -
Average Rating - 4.7:
Sewell.ECommerce.DataTransfer.AverageProductRating stars
257 ratings

Give your PC with a USB port the ability to connect to the internet and send/receive fax with this simple USB fax/56K modem. Plug-and-Play feature gets the USB 56k Modem working in...

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VC-211V, USB 2.0 Video Capture Adapter
SW-1313 - $22.95
USB 2.0 Video Capture Adapter -
Average Rating - 4.2:
Sewell.ECommerce.DataTransfer.AverageProductRating stars
25 ratings

Capture video from analog camcorder, VCR, DVD player, and video game console. This model includes a snapshot button to easily take still images. Easily transfer your analog videos...

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SW-30085, Sewell Gigaglider
SW-30085 - $23.95
Sewell Gigaglider -

Speed up your internet connection with a high-performance Gigabit Ethernet network using the Sewell Gigaglider Ethernet adapter. While other Ethernet adapters can only reach speeds...

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SW-30196, Sewell Gigaglider + Cat6 Patch Cable
SW-30196 - $26.95
Sewell Gigaglider + Cat6 Patch Cable -

Tired of slow internet speeds on your slick MacBook Air or ultrabook? Time to add a Gigaglider for gigabit ethernet connectivity through your Superspeed USB 3.0 port. The Gigaglider...

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