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PCI Cards

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240CB, 240fps 8 Camera Input Capture Card
SW-7584 - $929.95
240fps 8 Camera Input Capture Card -
Average Rating - 5.0:
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1 ratings

Monitor and capture up to eight different inputs at a state-of-the-art 240 frames per second capture rate. Review footage with increased detail and playback with information without...

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AP-VP04 , vporter
SW-24074 - $699.00
vporter -

The Vporter is a video capture PCI plug-in card which has been designed to operate in conjunction with the Xpander card and software.

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00343-9, Kvaser PCIcanx II HS/HS
SW-23478 - $679.95
Kvaser PCIcanx II HS/HS -

Two CAN channel interface for the PCI-X and PCI bus. Two 9-pin D-SUB connectors.

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00330-9, Kvaser PCIcanx 4xHS
SW-23475 - $799.95
Kvaser PCIcanx 4xHS -

Four CAN channel interface for the PCI bus with 4 x SJA1000 CAN controllers. One 25-pin D-SUB connector. Galvanically isolated CAN bus drivers to protect the hardware.

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120, 16 Camera Input Capture Card
SW-7581 - $879.95
16 Camera Input Capture Card -

Capture up to 16 different video inputs with this powerful capture card from netZeye technology. It supports helpful features such as motion detection, audio input (up to 4), and many...

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120CB, 8 Camera Input Capture Card, 120fps + DSP
SW-7577 - $879.95
8 Camera Input Capture Card, 120fps + DSP -

This powerful PCI card from netZeye provides you with up to eight different video inputs for recording and analyzing your business or home residence.

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netZeye8/120, 8 Camera Input Capture Card, 120fps
SW-7576 - $739.95
8 Camera Input Capture Card, 120fps -

Enjoy the peace of mind that security cameras can bring to your home or business. This camera input capture card and software can record video up to 120 fps, which is ideal for slow...

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