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SW-30195, Minideck 3.0 USB 3.0 to DVI
SW-30195 - $99.95
Minideck 3.0 USB 3.0 to DVI -
Average Rating - 5.0:
Sewell.ECommerce.DataTransfer.AverageProductRating stars
2 ratings

Easily add an extra monitor to your computer and enjoy the added graphics performance of USB 3.0 through a single USB port using Sewell’s Minideck 3.0 USB to DVI Adapter.

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DVP 5000,  Darblet by Darbee Vision
SW-30050 - $319.00
Darblet by Darbee Vision -
Average Rating - 4.5:
Sewell.ECommerce.DataTransfer.AverageProductRating stars
6 ratings

The Darblet uses DVP (Darbee Visual Presence) technology to embed 2D and 3D pictures with depth information and a more realistic image. Just plug in an HDMI source and adjust the simple...

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SW-30252, Darbee Visual Cobalt
SW-30252 - $269.00
Darbee Visual Cobalt -

The Cobalt uses Darbee Visual Presence™ Technology to enhance your home entertainment experience beyond the conventional limitations of graphics technology. Normally video quality is...

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BINTSPRO, Intensity Pro HDMI Capture Card, PCIe
SW-22468 - $199.05
Intensity Pro HDMI Capture Card, PCIe -
Average Rating - 4.8:
Sewell.ECommerce.DataTransfer.AverageProductRating stars
4 ratings

Intensity Pro by Blackmagic Design is the first HDMI and analog video fully comprehensive PCIe capture card for true 1920 x 1080 editing for both PC/Mac, taking you beyond the limits...

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T2G-D3D-IF, Matrox Triplehead2Go Digital Edition
SW-8539 - $308.95
Matrox Triplehead2Go Digital Edition -
Average Rating - 4.0:
Sewell.ECommerce.DataTransfer.AverageProductRating stars
2 ratings

The Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital Edition takes your analog (VGA) or DVI signal and allows you to connect up to three additional digital or analog monitors to your notebook or deskt...

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D2G-A2A-IF, Matrox DualHead2Go
SW-4331 - $158.95
Matrox DualHead2Go -
Average Rating - 3.7:
Sewell.ECommerce.DataTransfer.AverageProductRating stars
6 ratings

Experience the productivity and ease of a multi-display desktop with the compact, powerful DualHead2Go external multi-display upgrade from Matrox.

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SW-30047-06, Darblet, by DarbeeVision, with an HDMI cable
SW-30047-06 - $324.95
Darblet, by DarbeeVision, with an HDMI cable -

The Darblet is a revolutionary, award-winning high-definition enhancement accessory. Simple Controls, plug and play design. This special package includes a Sewell Premium HDMI cabl...

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APPR-PX-HD, Xpander HD
SW-24075 - $1,999.00
Xpander HD -

The SmartAVI XP4-HD PCI Express® Quad display is based on ATI’s Radeon™ HD3850 graphics card offering excellent features and performance.

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640205, Grass Valley EDIUS NX Express
SW-22748 - $1,099.95
Grass Valley EDIUS NX Express -

Capture and edit mixed formats of lossless native HD, HDV, DV, MPEG-2 in real time with the EDIUS NX Express PCI-e cards and EDIUS v.5 Software (included).

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BDLKOPT, Decklink Optical Fiber SDI Capture
SW-22471 - $469.95
Decklink Optical Fiber SDI Capture -

The DeckLink Optical Fiber model is the world's first capture card to include built in optical fiber SDI connections.

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SW-22470 - $284.95
DeckLink SDI PCIe Card -

Looking for an SDI-only solution for your PC/Mac? Blackmagic Design's Decklink SDI plays nice with your SDI infrastructure giving you ultra high quality 10-bit SDI/HD-SDI input and...

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BDLKSTUDIO, Decklink Studio SDI Capture, PCIe
SW-22469 - $659.95
Decklink Studio SDI Capture, PCIe -

Decklink Studio is your portal for working on SDI and HD-SDI in conjuction with a wide array of other signal types and sets of equipment.

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