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A/V Splitters (2)
Extenders/Baluns (8)
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PA807, Audio RCA to RJ45 Balun
SW-4417 - $69.95
Audio RCA to RJ45 Balun -
Average Rating - 4.0:
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1 ratings

Convert your stereo analog audio signal to be transported over inexpensive UTP.

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PA202FWP, InstaSnake Wall Plate, 4FXLR to 110 Punch Down
SW-20377 - $145.00
InstaSnake Wall Plate, 4FXLR to 110 Punch Down -


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PA830, AES/EBU Digital Audio Splitter
SW-10713 - $84.60
AES/EBU Digital Audio Splitter -

The ETS PA830 Series are the Balanced Line™ Digital Audio Splitters and Digital Audio Splitter Panels.

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AV822, High-Def A/V RJ-45 Balun
SW-6043 - $155.95
High-Def A/V RJ-45 Balun -

Extend High-Definition component audio and video over inexpensive and easy to install cat5. By changing your A/V signal to cat5 distances up to 500 ft can easily be achieved. An ETS...

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PV845, Quad BNC to RJ45 Balun
SW-5092 - $117.95
Quad BNC to RJ45 Balun -

Convert 4 BNC signals to be transferred over inexpensive Cat5 wiring.

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PV624, 24 Port Video Panel, FBNC to RJ45
SW-4421 - $579.95
24 Port Video Panel, FBNC to RJ45 -

Connect up to 24 baseband video signals and convert the signal to be transferred over UTP.

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PV890, RGB 3 Female BNC to RJ45
SW-4420 - $91.95
RGB 3 Female BNC to RJ45 -

Extend your composite video signal over cheap and easy to find Cat5 cabling.

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PV850, FBNC to RJ45 Balun
SW-4413 - $84.45
FBNC to RJ45 Balun -

Convert your wideband video signals and extend them up to 135 meters over high performance UTP.

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AV901, RCA to RJ45 Balun
SW-4388 - $74.95
RCA to RJ45 Balun -

Extend the reach of your RCA video and audio connections through UTP.

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PV608, UTP Audio/Video Distribution Hub
SW-4386 - $529.95
UTP Audio/Video Distribution Hub -

Transmit your converted Audio and Video feed to eight additional units.

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