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Extenders/Baluns (4)
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PA205F/ PA205M, ETS PA205F/M InstaSnake XLR Audio Baluns
SW-29801 - $244.99
ETS PA205F/M InstaSnake XLR Audio Baluns -

The ETS InstaSnake PA200 Series is configured for 3 sends and 1 return. Each passive send unit (PA205F) features 3 Female XLR and 1 Male XLR to RJ45 jack, all pins.

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AV901, AV901 AV extender
SW-10720 - $59.95
AV901 AV extender -
Out of Stock

The ETS AV900 and AV901 Baseband Video/Stereo Audio Baluns are utilized for point-to-point replacement of coaxial (video) and shielded (high impedance audio) cables with UTP wiring,...

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SW-10715 - $269.95

This set comes with a sender and receiver unit (4 FXLR to RJ45 and 4 MXLR to RJ45) to extend 4 independent XLR lines over cat5 or cat6 cable to distances passed 1900 feet.

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AV970, ETS VGA + Stereo Audio Video Balun Set
SW-10711 - $182.95
ETS VGA + Stereo Audio Video Balun Set -

The ETS AV970 VGA Video + Stereo Audio Balun Set allows computer video + stereo audio signals that adhere to the VGA/SVGA/XVGA standards to be transmitted over Category 5 or better...

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