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CRC Code Generator
SW-9701 - $59.00
CRC Code Generator -

CrcGen is a 32-bit Windows program that outputs C++ source code classes implementing CRCs (cyclic redundancy check) according to parameters you specify.

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CABL-2525-10, FastLynx Parallel and Serial Combo
SW-9805 - $12.95
FastLynx Parallel and Serial Combo -

FastLynx parallel and serial cable combo.

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CABL-2525-10, FastLynx Parallel Cable
SW-9802 - $9.95
FastLynx Parallel Cable -

The FastLynx Parallel cable is used with FastLynx to quickly transfer files between two PC's.

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Random Number Generation
SW-9702 - $39.00
Random Number Generation -

Our random number generation C++ code is specifically designed for the WIN32 platform, and offers a big improvement over the standard library functions rand() and srand().

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Secure Hash Algorithm
SW-9703 - $29.00
Secure Hash Algorithm -

The secure hash algorithm produces a one-way 160-bit hash that can used for a variety of applications including authentication and cryptography.

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PC2360, USB 2.0/FireWire Combo PCI Card
SW-1471 - $39.95
USB 2.0/FireWire Combo PCI Card -
Out of Stock

The Sewell USB 2.0/FireWire Combo card adds 3 USB ports (two external and one internal) and three FireWire ports (also two external and one internal) to your computer.

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AA1500, USB to Audio Adapter
SW-1307 - $26.95
USB to Audio Adapter -

This USB 5.1 Channel audio adapter plugs into your USB port and gives you everything you need to connect your home theater system.

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M15MF10, VGA Extension Cable, 10 ft
SW-2402-10 - $8.95
VGA Extension Cable, 10 ft -

Use the VGA male to VGA female cable to extend the distance between your monitor and your computer or in combination with the video splitter.

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CF115-10, FireWire 800 9 pin to 4 pin cable
SW-1107-10 - $8.95
FireWire 800 9 pin to 4 pin cable -

The FireWire 800 Bilingual 9-Pin to 4-Pin Cable allows you to connect legacy devices, such as hard drives, camcorders and mp3 players that use a 4-pin interface, to a fast FireWire...

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20617-10, DVI-D Dual Link Cable, 10 ft
SW-2603-10 - $7.95
DVI-D Dual Link Cable, 10 ft -

Connect your flat panel digital monitor, digital CRT display, projector, HDTV, etc., with this DVI-D dual link cable.

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20612-6, DVI-I Dual Link Cable, 6 ft
SW-2604-06 - $17.95
DVI-I Dual Link Cable, 6 ft -

Use the DVI-I dual link cable to connect either your DVI-D or DVI-A multimedia device from your DVI-D or DVI-A source.

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MUTP6-7XB, CAT6 Network Cable, 7 ft
SW-2502-07 - $3.61
CAT6 Network Cable, 7 ft -

The Sewell Cat6 550 MHz Molded Patch Cable allows high-speed cabling to distribute data, voice and video.

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