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Carry Around a Halo of Wi-Fi Wherever You Go

The 3G Phoebus portable cellular Wi-Fi router is the easiest, most economical way to convert CDMA, EVDO, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, and HSDPA signals into a Wi-Fi/wired signal that can be shared simultaneously with any allowed user group.

The Easiest Cellular Wi-Fi Router on the Market

The 3G Phoebus accepts most cellular PCMCIA cards from the market today and you won't have to worry about different drivers or client software. Simply plug the PCMCIA card into the MB6000 and turn the power on and you will instantly be able to put multiple computers (ethernet wired or wireless) on the internet.

How It Works

Cell Phone towers not only provide service for cellular phones, but also signals that can provide high speed internet. These signals include CDMA, EVDO, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, and HSDPA. In order to receive these signals you must be signed up with a carrier such as Verizon and you will be provided with a PCMCIA card to receive the signal.

Simply plug this PCMCIA card (aka PC Card bus) into the 3G Phoebus MB6000. The 3G Phoebus simply converts the CDMA, EVDO, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, or HSDPA signal into a Wi-Fi signal while also enabling wired ethernet. This allows multiple people such as a traveling work team to use one single cellular signal account saving you money. It also allows you to get high speed internet in geographical regions where internet is hard to come by.

The router also features security options so that only allowed users have access. See the specs on the right for a full list of security features and compatible PCMCIA cards.

"The Phoebus has a lot to recommend it. It's the only model with an on-off switch, a clicky chrome marble on the front. It's also the only model that when used with Sprint or Verizon cards, automatically configures itself; you can skip the setup steps involving the Ethernet cable and Web browser. You literally plug the thing in, insert the card, and start surfing. That feature, and its super-clear browser-based Web setup page, makes the Phoebus the simplicity champion".

-- David Pogue, New York Times Technology Editor


Mfg. Part Number

  • MB6000


  • Top Global

Supported Cards by Carrier

  • Alltel
  • • Kyocera KPC 650 (CDMA/EVDO)
  • AT&T
  • • Option Wireless GlobeTrotter GT MAX (HSPA)
  • • Sierra Wireless AC875 (HSPA)
  • • Sierra Wireless AC881 (HSUPA/HSDPA/EDGE)
  • Sprint
  • • Novatel S620 (CDMA/EVDO)
  • • Novatel S720 (EVDO Rev.A)
  • • Pantech PX-500 (EVDO Rev.A)
  • • Sierra Wireless AC580 (CDMA/EVDO)
  • • Sierra Wireless AC595 (EVDO Rev.A)
  • • Sierra Wireless PC5750 (EVDO Rev.A)
  • Verizon
  • • Audiovox PC5220 (CDMA/EVDO)
  • • Kyocera KPC650 (CDMA/EVDO)
  • • Novatel V620 (EVDO Rev.A)
  • • Sierra Wireless AC580 (CDMA/EVDO)
  • • Sierra Wireless AC595 (EVDO Rev.A)
  • • Sierra Wireless PC5750 (EVDO Rev.A)

Supported WWAN PCMCIA Card List

  • E-Mobile
  • • E-mobile D01NE (HSDPA)
  • Huawei
  • • Huawei EC360 (EVDO Rev.A)
  • • Huawei EC500 (CDMA/EVDO)
  • • Huawei EC321 (CDMA/EVDO)
  • • Huawei E220 (HSDPA)
  • • Huawei E620 (HSDPA)
  • • Huawei E630 (HSDPA)
  • • Huawei E660A (HSDPA)
  • Kyocera
  • • Kyocera KPC 650 (CDMA/EVDO)
  • Novatel
  • • Novatel V740 (EVDO Rev.A)
  • • Novatel V620 (EVDO Rev.A)
  • • Novatel S720 (EVDO Rev.A)
  • • Novatel S620 (CDMA/EVDO)
  • • Novatel Merlin C386 (CDMA/EVDO)
  • • Novatel Merlin C201 (CDMA/EVDO)
  • • Novatel Merlin U530 (GPRS/UMTS)
  • • Novatel Merlin U630 (GPRS/UMTS)
  • • Novatel U730 (HSDPA)
  • • Novatel U740 (HSDPA)
  • ONDA
  • • ONDA H600 (HSDPA)
  • • ONDA N501HS (HSDPA)
  • • ONDA ET501HS (HSDPA)
  • Option
  • • Option Globe Trotter GT Max "7.2 Ready" (HSDPA)
  • • Option Wireless GlobeTrotter GT MAX (HSDPA)
  • • Option Globe Trotter GT Max HSUPA (HSDPA)
  • • Option Globe Trotter HSDPA "7.2 Ready" (HSDPA)
  • • Option Globe Trotter HSDPA (HSDPA)
  • • Option Globe Trotter FUSION + HSDPA (HSDPA)
  • • Option Globe Trotter Express HSUPA (HSDPA)
  • • Option Globe Trotter Express 7.2 (HSDPA)
  • • Option Globe Trotter EDGE(EDGE)
  • Pantech
  • • Pantech PX-500 (EVDO Rev.A)
  • Sierra
  • • Sierra Wireless AC555 (CDMA/EVDO)
  • • Sierra Wireless AC580 (CDMA/EVDO)
  • • Sierra Wireless AC595 (EVDO Rev.A)
  • • Sierra Wireless AC597E (EVDO Rev.A)
  • • Sierra Wireless PC5220 (CDMA/EVDO)
  • • Sierra Wireless AC750 (GPRS/UMTS)
  • • Sierra Wireless AC850 (GPRS/UMTS)
  • • Sierra Wireless AC860 (GPRS/UMTS)
  • • Sierra Wireless AC875 (GPRS/UMTS)
  • • Sierra Wireless AC881 (HSUPA/HSDPA/EDGE)
  • SoftBank
  • • C01SI (W-CDMA)
  • SonyEricsson
  • • SonyEricsson GC83 (EDGE)
  • • PC300 (HSDPA)
  • Utstarcom/Audiovox
  • • Utstarcom/Audiovox PC5220 (CDMA/EVDO)
  • • UTStarcom PC5750 (EVDO Rev.A)
  • YISO
  • ZTE
  • • ZTE MC310 (CDMA/EVDO)


  • Transmit power: 0 ~ 18 dBm
  • Receiver sensitivity:
  • 1 Mbps -89 dBm
  • 11 Mbps -80 dBM
  • 54 Mbps -66 dBM


  • NAPT between LAN and WWAN
  • DHCP Server
  • MAC access control
  • DNS Relay
  • Bridge between LAN & WLAN
  • Auto-Reconnect
  • SNMP V1, V2


  • User-friendly Web GUI
  • Setup Wizard
  • WWAN Session and Status
  • Monitoring
  • TFTP Firmware Upgrade
  • Traffic & Event Log
  • IP Port Forwarding
  • Multiple Cellular Network Dial Up
  • Mode
  • SNMP


  • VPN pass-through for IPSec and
  • PPTP
  • WPA, 802. 1x
  • Access Control List
  • 64-bit WEP & 128-bit RC4
  • encryption
  • Firewall
  • Closed system


  • Wired: 10/100Base-T (LAN)
  • Wireless: Cellular Network PCMCIA Slot
  • IEEE 802.11b/g embedded
  • Serial: D-Sub RS232 connector

Environment Specs

  • Operating: 0-40-degrees C -10-85% (Non-Condensing)
  • Storage: -20-70-degrees C - 5-90% (Non-Condensing)

Power Supply

  • 100/240 VAC high qualities and worldwide safety approval


  • Power
  • Cellular Network Activity
  • Wi-Fi Activity
  • Ethernet LAN

Physical Specs

  • Dimension: 180mm x 180mm x 140mm
  • Weight: 450 gram (approx. 1 pound)


  • 1 year



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Does it support the Sony Ericsson PC card for TMobile?


Unfortunately this router does not support the Sony Ericsson PC card. If you have an available Express card port it sometimes works with our part number SW-7429, which is an express card to PCMCIA Adapter. Or if you have a desktop you can use a PCI to PCMCIA Controller Card.

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I have a Verizon USB 720 Modem, is this comptible with the 3G Phoebus cellular Wi-Fi Router? If not can you let me know which Router would be suitable for my modem?


The SW-4562 does not support USB type modems. Instead, you could use the Kyocera KR2 Mobile cellular router. That router does support the USB 720 modem.

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Hi, I currently have a macbook that I use with sprint and evdo that plugs in via usb. I have a second laptop with a wireless card (an older model running an older mac operating system). Will this device allow me to plug in my USB card, and then will any wireless computer work? Or will I need to have each computer loaded with recognition software? Currently, I am unable to use the second computer as it's current OS is not compatible with the evdo, but that computer does work at regular hot spots. It has an 802.11b wireless card. It is not networked with any other computer.


This does not support USB modems, only PCMCIA card modems. Once this device has been set up, your wifi-enabled computers will not need any additional software to connect to the internet.

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